I stand accused of racism

I was working and these two twinks were all over each other. It was terrible. They were kissing hardcore, and talking about how happy they are with their rights since biden is the boss now. I was disgusted but I really need the money because I’m in need of a reliable car.

I almost made it to the end, I wrote out a receipt for these fellas. I didnt know their names. I didnt wanna write gay/lib/fag/queer… so I just wrote Jap. Because one of them was a jap.

The jap didn’t seem to mind. But his boyfriend (who is the woman in the relationship) is furious! He wants my job, and he said hes going to tell the interwebz on me!


I was like 5 seconds away from making it through this traumatizing ordeal!


These damn libs are getting crazy out here man. They trying to have my job over a simple mistake!

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Damn, dude. Take it easy.

I hate spins! You stop that!

I’m trying to tell a story about a horrible experience I had with some very aggressive homosexual liberals!
I’m scared I’m going to lose my job.

The one who wasnt a Japanese was wearing a personalized Jersey. It was #21 for the Spurs. But instead of saying Duncan on the back, it said BLM ROCKS!


Accuse them of homophobia.

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After what that damn dirty jap did to pearl harbor hes lucky you even served him!

@Tim_Duncan would have my back on this one!