I Still Think Tyson will be Champ

I was re-watching the Danny Williams fight, and I like everything Tyson did in that match. He still has the power, i think Roach is giving him better technique, and I think if he still has the desire when his knee heals, he will regain at least 2 of the HW belts

well I'm afraid Tyson is just going to start fighting no one's on the has been circuit. but I hope not

I also think Tyson can be champ again. He was winning the Williams fight and looking good while doing it, before the injury messed things up.

that's what I'm saying. he was throwing combos, jabbing, slipping punches, it looked really good technically

He didn't look all that bad, but... once the other guy started throwing back, he quit trying to win. I thought he could've gotten up from the knockdown, but he chose not to. He quit basically.

If his heart isn't into the sport, he should stop fighting. Otherwise, some young, hungry beast is going to hurt him bad eventually.

thats totaly correct. There are alot of young guys that wouldn't mind being known as the man that savagly knocked out Tyson.

  1. Tyson "quit" because he had sustained a pretty bad knee injury. Can't really hold that against him.

  2. What young guys out there are worth a damn in the heavyweight division? Heck, for that matter, what veteran guys at HW are worth a damn?

It's an awful weight class, so the idea that a healthy Mike Tyson can be a serious title contender is actually very realistic.

At one point afte his most recent loss I read somewhere that they were planning on putting him on a once a month fight schedule against tomato cans to get him back in the rhythm....probably the best idea for him if he really wants to get back to the top. He's gettin' up their in years, and inactivity will only make it worse.

I've got my fingers crossed for Ruiz/Holyfield 4....

Loser AND Winner retires match....

Please god let it happen and not be televised....

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i think he obviously could have gotten up, but I think he quit because of the knee injury more than anything, and I don't think Williams would have made it 3 rounds with a healthy Tyson anyway


By the time Tyson fights again he will be near 39
years of age. I think he lost his desire to fight a
long time ago. He is fighting for the tax man right
now. People keep expecting the Mike Tyson of the
80's to reappear and just can't seem to accept the
fact that he is gone forever -- we are asking too
much of him -- how can anyone at 39 be the same
as they were at 19? With all that being said, the
division is so pathetic right now, even a washed
up, burned out Mike Tyson may stand a chance. I
think he is lucky Tua is tied up in court. If I had to
bet money on whether Tyson would ever become
champ again -- I would bet NO. I think if someone
makes it tought for him in the ring he will fold.

but who's going to make it tough, that's what I'm saying. Tyson just about killed Golatta 3 years ago, Byrd isn't going to hurt Tyson, I doubt Jameel McCline or whoever will either. I think Tyson would do really well against Ruiz

Obviously Rahman and the Klitchko's would have a good chance to beat him soundly, but there's 3 other belts out there for Tyson to take a shot at

Its ok Jason hold on to your dreams and Santa will be visting you very soon,not to mention you will still receive money off the tooth fair if you believe ;)

when they interviewed him before the Tszyu/Mitchell fight, he didn't sound interested in fighting again.

Tyson versus Ruiz . . . .

"when they interviewed him before the Tszyu/Mitchell fight, he didn't sound interested in fighting again."

"He sounded like he was on prozac that night"

I know someone who worked that card (Tszyu vs Mitchell). He talked with and took some pictures with Mike afterwards.

He was on something alright, but it wasn't prozac lol. (Think back to why his fight with Golota was ruled a no contest)

He is less than a shell of what he used to be, no one on this thread has claimed differently.

But he's still got enough for today's heavyweights.

exactly, that's all i'm saying

In my opinion, the problem with Tyson getting back to his former glory is that so much of his game relied on his physical gifts, namely speed. Tyson still has his power but he isn't quick enough to bob and weave through an opponent's punches to get in close and land those devastating haymakers. Speed goes long before power as boxers age. That's why George Foreman was able to regain the heavyweight championship at age 44 -- his game never relied on speed, only being able to hit f'ing hard and being able to take punches well.