I still want Anderson vs. Henderson 2

 Who's with me ?

Make Sonnen wait.....

 right there with you buddy, Dan's a different dude right now

Lets see it!

Figaro - IF Sonnen loses again than they could make a storyline about Hendo getting revenge for his team mate!

They aren't team mates. Phone Post

NarlyPersianDude - I want to see it on one condition, at 205. Anderson is awesome at both 185 and 205, Henderson though is clearly better at 205. I want to see them both at their best, facts are, Anderson weighs more than Henderson, about 20 pounds more, all the more reason, for the fight to be at 205.

I feel hardcore about that, YaKnow

No, 185 for the title sounds better Phone Post

Dan wants a shot at Anderson, he should move down.  I'd love to see the rematch, my two favorite fighters ever.  The first fight was the only time I ever rooted against Hendo

185 for the title is the only way it would ever happen...

unless one of them had the 205 belt...

No, i wanna see Silva v Sonnen 2, then Silva v Hendo 2 Phone Post

Silva did beat both of them already. He beats Chael, and then he takes Dan all this talk about Dan being the Goat will disappear.

I love you, EB, but I want Dan to stay at 205 and compete for the belt.