I suck at BJJ rolling

I'm on the wrong side of 40 and am constantly being dominated by younger, smaller and quicker guys. I weigh about 240, and am not fat, due to Kickboxing, Boxing and weight lifting during the week. Even though I often get dominated while rolling, I don't let that frustrate me, and look for self improvement. It's hard for me to be competitive starting from the knees. I'm learning alot of self-defense, since my school does alot of that. I used to do some Judo for about 6 months, and was better at stand up grappling, although it's definitely more dangerous than starting from the knees. Is grappling from the knees more sport oriented? Grappling starting from the knees is really the only live sparring that I do, since we just hit bags, and do calisthenics in the Boxing/Kickboxing classes.
As a result of the grappling training, the outer parts of my ears have swelled, one is worse than the other, so at least, I look like a "grappler." I think the combat training fights the aging process, and I'd like to do it as long as I possibly can. I started this type if training late in my life, I've been training BJJ for about a year and a half. I'd like to be like Helios Gracie and train till the end of my days.

Keep pushin brother you can train as long as you want to Phone Post 3.0

I think getting dominated early on in your grappling training is just part of the experience. I was on the receiving end of a good number of ass kickings when I was new to wrestling back in grade school (and then again when I started BJJ after high school). The only difference for you is your age. It seems off because you're older and bigger than most of the people you face but its actually pretty normal. Keep it up man, you just need more experience under your belt. Phone Post 3.0

Work on mobility drills. Look up bjj drills on youtube, pick a few to work on, and work on them for a few months. As you get older it becomes harder to scramble and move fast on the ground, but you can counter that by programming your body to move properly via drills.

This is far more important than learning "new moves" or anything like that. Learn to move on the ground, and do so via drills.

For the first 6 months or so I got my ass whooped every time I even thought about a mat. Soon it'll be you dominating. Stick at it. Phone Post 3.0

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the challenge isnt vs the other guy, it's with yourself. Learn the art and dont focus on "winning". Have fun

the challenge isnt vs the other guy, it's with yourself. Learn the art and dont focus on "winning". Have fun

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Guys, thanks for the encouragement and the suggestions. I'm definitely going to check out those BJJ mobility drills and start practicing them.

Yes, I have to focus on self-improvement and not how I measure up with others. I realize rolling is just a part of training. I love learning BJJ and training.

You're being a nail now, which is the hardest part of any combat sport. You'll be a hammer if you stick with it. Also, I never understood starting on your knees. The stupidest thing ever. It's either stand up or top and bottom of sorts, since that's where match is gonna end up anyway. Phone Post 3.0

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vtfd, whats wrong with you kid!!!!!

for right now do not worry about trying to fight for position from the knees just try to pull full guard and start working.

Youre gonna get hemmed up for a while grappling takes practice and consistency dont let it get you down

"Start from the knees" = one person plays guard.

If your opponent won't, you do. Don't stand there like a Neanderthal on your knees tryin to push each other over for a few minutes to piss away the clock.

I was a decent blue and purple belt, but it was only until I fully understood the importance of creating/maintaining distance and correct framing from all positions on bottom did I actually have a breeze on the mats with little exertion.

Without this understanding I would still get beat by younger, stronger guys. Phone Post 3.0

watch some catch instructionals, like tony c stuff

Think about positions as a major goal (rather than as minor goals on the way to submissions) and over time you'll be putting yourself into situations where the submissions will come.

Also, if you're naturally more comfortable playing the top game, it can be valuable to consciously decide to play guard for an extended period (learning to sweep better helps your passing game by developing your understanding of what you're trying pass and vice-versa) Phone Post 3.0

Consider yourself lucky that your school does a lot is self-defense stuff, but how much self-defense can you do from the knees?

I fuckin hate starting from the knees. Is bullshit. Phone Post 3.0

Keep doing it. I was crushed every time for the first few months. But I came to every session. And I lifted weights. And I ran. And I did cross-country skiing +++, and after a while, I was as good, and in the end, surpassed the guys who had trained longer, but didn't come to every session, and didn't push it far enough.

I didn't mind getting crushed. I realized it was a learning thing.

So... stick with it, and try to have fun even though you lose every time. Talk to the guys who defeat you and find out what their philosophy is, and when they knew they had you or whatever.

Most of the time I get caught because of the gi-chokes, etc. However, I don't yet really seem to be able to take advantage of the gi.