I suck in Madden Online, HELP

I thought I was good. I beat my friends when we play all the time.

I go online and Im getting killed, by weak teams like Detroit! I won my first two games, but lost SIX in a row after that!!

Right off the bat I see some guys know some tricks like blocking punts. He kept blocking all my punts, and I couldnt go for it on 4th down, the game wouldnt let me-

How do you stop him from blocking punts? It kind of ruins the game.

How do you get the game to allow you to go for 4th downs?

How come this guy can run the ball on me with Detroit, but I cant get a running game with Shaun Alexander?

My offense basically sucks, and I use Seattle who should be good. Im scoring about 10 ppg, cant run, cant get 1st downs, cant hit a long pass, which they usually hit on me....

What the best defensive position to control?

What are the best ways to break tackles?

What are the best defensive alignments?

Thx for helping, in advance!!!

"How do you stop him from blocking punts? It kind of ruins the game."

Set one of your audibles to max protect punt, when he looks like he is going rush you call the audible.

"How do you get the game to allow you to go for 4th downs?"

Can't do that in online play, at least in the first half while in your own territory.

"What are the best defensive alignments?"

I usually try to match up my personnel with my opponents. ie. 2 receivers = 4-3, 3 receivers = Nickel, 4 or more Dime or Quarter = .
If your opponent comes out in a five wide set, and your in a 4-3 or 3-4 your gonna get killed if he's any good. Mix up your defenses and give him different looks. Blitz some, play a little man as well as zone.

"What are the best ways to break tackles?"

Stiff arm and speed burst work best for me. Press triangle in play station to cover the ball up and put your head down, this usually gives you a couple extra yards.

"What the best defensive position to control?"

I personally like to control the defensive end on the right side of the defence, alot of guys control the safety, some control linebackers. Its really a personal thing.

Go to maddenmania.com and find the forums area if you have any other questions. Those guys are obsessed with Madden, and some of the best players in the nation post there.

thx, that'll help

I already know to match up defenses.....

Offensively I really struggle though

Is it better to throw the ball hard or soft on long passes? It seems when I throw a lob pass the defense always seems to get there before the ball.

great, with max protect punt, n ow I stop the punt block but give up long returns!! LOL