"I Swallowed Ur Cum" That Means Something!

If PrimeKing (or KingSith) had a Star Trek holodeck, how young do you think his youngest girl would be and what would his average hologirl age be?

17 (In some states).

I like to watch 18 yo porn.

Bring em Young (Anabolic)

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It’s a Spanish laugh written out…koolkatkeith puts it in most of his posts.

I thought it was his name. Like the guy who used to sign his name “Mark” after every post.

Speaking of which…what’s his new sn, I wonder? He couldn’t have truly quit this place just because of the switch over…

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why did the video cut before Tom‘s last line?

“You know I’m gay, right?”

He’s a roaring cock. that fux bitches, OKAY!

The Dead Man’s name was Mark…Mark Brewer, faggott!!!