I take issue with the ending of Jungle Hunt


So the very final stage is this one screen where he jumps over the two ooga booga spear dudes and jumps up on the vine/rope holding her above the boiling, fiery pot.  Little heart rises and you hear the happy music.

How in the fuck is this a win? 


A) Him jumping on the rope will probably break it and send them both into the cauldron to their death

B) If he cuts her down there's only one place for her to land.

C) If they don't do anything the spear guys can just spear them to death or laugh and wait since there is no escape

There is zero chance they survive once he makes this dumb move. 

Also there is no way he'd be able to see underwater to stab all the crocodiles swimming at him. 

What utter bullshit

This was a well thought out and written thread by me and god dammit you will acknowledge it before I send bouncing boulders off your head