I take protien suppliments!!!!

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...Dont tell me they are bad for you. Yes Im kind of showing off but a lot of hate lately on 1-1 protien intake and I currently am on a 1-1 protien intake diet.

Now Im leaner than I was in those 2 pictures, (down to 8.5% bodyfat now) had my bloodwork in and triglicerides are like 23 and cholesterol is perfect. No urea or nitrates or creatine in my urine except what is normal. my doctor said Im the healthiest 31 year old he has ever seen. (I do live in greenfield mass though so thats not hard)

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Take your protien kids! You too can weigh 200 mighty pounds!

I use ON whey, good shit

What if somebody scrounges up a photo of somebody who is more muscular than you who doesn't take protein supplements?

then I suicide self.

^ Protein induced depression imo

touch my nipples? Where is Atecexa?

^^^no kidding

Are you sniffing a fart?

"I use ON whey, good shit "

LOL me to man damn..i gotta a 10-11 lb bag from a guy that is cool ,who runs a Olympia Vitamins store, for 70 bux. i got strawberry.


WTF was up with that video?



bro... badgers, mushrooms, and ITS A SNAKE!!! OOOH ITS A SNAKE!!!!

thats whats going on in that video


If you dont plan on gaining muscle mass or dont train for it you dont need that much protein but IMO you do need it when weightlifting to get bigger. And since I dont personnaly like to stuff myself with high protein foods that much I find protein powders tasty, convenient and pretty cheap.