I tapped a BJJ bluebelt tonight...

...several times. I tapped him on his leg to get him to let go of the rear naked choke he had on me. I tapped him on his side so he would let go of the key lock on my arm. I tapped the mat really hard so he he would release some other painful technique he was demonstrating for me.

In reality he is a very good friend of mine and has started working on my grappling skills with me. He came with me to karate class tonight and we did some light rolling after. I have been a fan of BJJ for some time now but haven't really had on opportunity to start learning some of the techniques. Wow, that's even more of a workout than I thought. My ground game is pretty good as long as you are a drunk redneck or an overconfident gangbanger that finds yourself unfortunately incarcerated.

I have the utmost respect for someone almost 100 pounds smaller than me that can turn me into a groaning, wincing, idiot in about 10 seconds (ok maybe 30).

BJJ is a great sport/martial art/workout. I'm going to start rearranging my schedule to start some BJJ classes now. I think I need to go take a long hot bath so I can walk tommorow.


good for you, stick with it and, in no time, he wont be able to tap you anymore. Then one day you will tap him.

I dont know about that, anytime soon anyway.

Here you go!JK bro. Keep working hard. The only way to get better is to fight someone better.

LOL It'll take a lot of work. Eventually you'll realize that you'll be taping guys 100 pounds more than you!

Keep at it. In BJJ, perseverence can make up for many athletic


haha..good thread..

one of my best friends is a "Killa Shrimp" and at about 125 lbs, will wipe the friggin' mat with me at will.

Keep at it, good luck!

Develop a good stretching and strengthening routine to go along with your BJJ training. It reduces injuries and makes you more effective I think.

Hello my name is Arashikage and I was a TMAcoholic.

I used to do wushu. Before that it was aikido. I guess you can say my problem with TMA started quite early, when I took Karate for the first time (I was only ten years old *sigh*). The sad thing was, I really thought it was helping me. By the time I graduated, I almost got into a fight with a guy at our prom campout, and I was convinced my aikido would save me from annihilation. Later, during my darkest hours, I actually boasted about the merits of Qi Gong ironshirt, and considered the hurricane slap kick to be a deadly move. I was so deluded. Then a friend who realy cared took me aside one day, and showed me my higher power-wrestling. Now, thanks to him and the support of the MMA community, I wrestle regularly, have my blue belt in BJJ, and can look forward to many years of Thai and boxing enjoyment. I'm glad I broke my awful TMA addiction, and I hope my story will inspire others to do the same. Keep coming back-it works...

Well I'm getting ready for karate class right now and my BJJ friend (who is also a Japanese karate and Jujutsu guy from way back) is coming again tonight. I'm sure we will be rolling some more after class. The cool thing is that although my instructor is a TMA'ist, he really respects BJJ and has expressed interest in taking classes too. His view of things is that you will never be the baddest or know everything. Learn everything you can and use what works.