I think Anderson

clowns around against Vitor tomorrow night. Much like he did against Maia.

At best he tries to stick and move. I think this fight could be a disaster.

 If he clowns around it will be a big mistake. I think Anderson will win, but if he screws up Vitor is more than capable of ending him.

I agree, Vitor can easily knock him out. I can just see him running and throwing punches lightly.

Not saying he'll be scared of Vitor, but you never know.

I just don't want to see another boring A.S. fight.

I am gonna be pissed if he rips me off, AGAIN

I don't think so. AS didn't have anything to fear against Maia.

The only way I can see Silva clowning around is if he hurts Vitor very early.. and even still, from the way he's been talking I don't think AS plans to give Vitor any chance.

It's likely. If Anderson's smart, and I believe he is, his game plan is to actually make this a "chess match." I think he has a reach advantage and he certainly has better slips and footwork.

Vitor's gameplan should be to mix it up, to take the fight all over the place, standing, ground, fence.

Anderson hasn't fucked around against people with good standup, so I'm hoping for the AS that beat Chris Leben

^^^^That would be nice.

That could get him hurt however. I don't think he needs to come running in against Vitor.

anderSON does what he wants. i will always watch him fight. that cat is unstoppable.

I hope Anderson doesn't do his stupid as voodoo dance shit. And his cmon arm motions telling his opponent to bring it while he hasn't been bringing shit.