I think Barboza is going to chop down Giga

I don’t hate Giga, he is an exciting fighter, I just don’t think he is on Edson level. He is a can crusher imo but tonight we will see

See I’m a big barboza fan always have been, I just hope his chin Doesn’t let him down

I also really enjoy giga, so I’m pretty pumped for this one, the whole card looks pretty good…to me

I put money on giga as I have for everyone of his fights so far. I’m starting to feel like Barbosa kicks the shit out of giga’s legs

Giga always seems to have the answers

That is the ultimate asset IMO

Giga will know that. I got Giga and he’s going to make it look easy.

had all the answers


fail black and white GIF

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I was wrong butI was pumped to see a great fight. I a giga fan