I think Cro cop can beat Lesnar

Call me mental but I dont think Fedor is the only guy who can beat Lesnar, not by a long shot. I think Cro cop could KO him with a good shot if he played the stick and move game and avoided the takedown.

I think Roger Gracie could also sub him, his guard is immense and chances are he'd end up on his back.

Just thinking out loud...flame away or agree lol

CC def can beat Lesnar.

Prime CroCop DESTROYS Lesnar...

UFC CroCrap gets bullied and beat up

Roger Gracie has a GREAT chance just with his BJJ. I still need to see a few more fights from him to be sold though

Lesnar's smart strategy vs Roger would be to turn it into a boxing match and look to land a gigantor punch.

It's too bad we don't have a time machine.

I'd like to bring back Mark Kerr directly from 1997.

All Roger needs is mediocre stand up to keep Brock off of him standing. If Brock dares to take it to the ground, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Roger would get the submission either from the guard, taking the back, or right after a reversal. Brock has NEVER dealt with a grappler at the level of Roger.

Brock shoots a double leg. Ground and pound. Crocop has not ground game to get out from under. If Mir couldnt, now way in hell Cropcop can. And i was a Crocop fan.

 Brock is a thinking mans fighter.  He shows the ring savvy of a veteran mixed martial martial artist despite having only 5 fights. I guess you could credit that to his days competing in the physically and mentally tougher sport of Pro Wrestling.

Brock takes Cro-Cop down and pounds him out and keeps the fight standing against Graice, landing one of his trademark dynamite right hands.

Let's not get too excited about Roger until we know the guy can take a punch to the face.

Cro Cop did not look sharp against Al-Turk -- i.e., he did not look like Cro Cop of old. He looked slower, his reflexes not as good.

He still looks uncomfortable in the cage which is a very bad thing against Lesnar. While Cro Cop has/had some of the best takedown defense ever, it doesn't mean he's impervious to takedowns, as we saw against Gonzaga. And if he gets stuck against the fence, he's in a lot of trouble.

But, Cro Cop has been better than any other fighter I can think of at improving weaknesses in his game. Silva took him down easily and repeatedly in their first match, so Cro Cop worked on his TD until it was the best in the game. He was insto-subbed by Noguiera, so he worked on his ground game until he could survive three rounds with Fedor in his guard.

He has looked awkward in the cage (held against the fence by KONGO for chrissakes) and was blasted with elbows on the ground, the first time he's really been GnP'ed. Can he once again fix these holes? He'll need to if he's gonna beat Lesnar.

I agree! It's not like Cro Cop was bullied on the ground by Gonzaga and stood up on a bullshit call!

Yup cro-cop could take it!

Brock has unbeatable size & strength..but his eyes are just as fragile as anyone else'!

C-C by his (now he's too old for head kicks) speciality- EYE GOUGE!

tricky75 - Let's not get too excited about Roger until we know the guy can take a punch to the face.

as if we know that with Lesnar.

I think CroCop could beat Lesnar in a ring under PRIDE rules. Not gonna happen in the octagon though.

"lol RedTamponUK, you thought Bisping was going to beat Dan too... so umm.. yeah.. just a bit off"

Mean, some of the others agree with me at least lol

CC definately has a chance.

i just wanna see crocop kick anyones ass.

NO. Crocop of old, Pride Grand Prix, possibly. Very possible. In K-1 he destroyed a monster call Bob Sapp.

Current Crocop, NO.

Screen Name!

i agree see crocop vs bob sapp, BAM -1 orbital bone

but cc needs machida karate style footwork to pull this one of