I think I f***ed up guys

Long story short, been seeing this girl, bought a few grocery store sex toys to spice it up a little. This vibrating cock ring and this little finger vibrator thing. It was awesome, we had fun. Had to change the sheets.  No pics you fucking losers. 

Fast forward to last week, wanted to jerk off and saw the cock ring and finger thing in my night stand and decided why not, I like to try new things. 

Now I can't jerk off without using them. I'm like Edward vibrator hands but instead of cutting topiaries into polar bears and shit, I'm frantically jerking off any time I can. I don't even feel like fucking that chick right now. And she's really hot. 

I took it too far guys. After all the weird shit I've done it's the Nintendo power glove of jerking off that finally broke me. 

Audrey -
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I totally agree. 

All your joystick games do become different. 

That's just great.

The next time you jerk off, let your dog eat your asshole out

You flew too close to the sun, Icarus.

I can see what you'd do with the cock ring. But what did you do with the finger thing?

Nevermind. I don't want to know.