I think I finally determined my favorite movie

Army of Darkness.

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Who wants some..?

Great answer, though I'm going Evil Dead 2 for GOAT. Actually was in the audience watching Bruce Campbell film a gameshow at Portland Comic Con yesterday. Dude still has it. Can't wait for the Evil Dead showtime series.

Evil Dead 2 is awesome, as well.

The Fellowship of The Ring

Oh honey.. That was just pillow talk, baby! Phone Post 3.0

Lord of War or Jurassic Park for me! Phone Post 3.0

You should have just asked...your favorite movie is Rocky 4. Phone Post 3.0

I came into this thread fully prepared to correct your answer, andre.

No need.

I love when he punks out the bald dude haha Phone Post 3.0

Dude, you do NOT know how disappointed I was when my 12 yr showed zero interest in AoD. Phone Post 3.0

they came together

All Evil Dead movies are amazing, even the remake was good although I was a little disappointed because of all of the "this is the scariest movie you will ever see" talk.

Bruce Cambell is the man Phone Post 3.0

My fave of all times is 12 monkeys with Bruce Willis.

andre - Army of Darkness.

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Good boy!

Voted up! Phone Post 3.0

This, is my BOOMSTICK Phone Post 3.0

Gonna watch it in crisp 1080i right now! Phone Post 3.0

OP gets VUs for as long as I can remember.

Ballzy thread. You put yourself out there, and by god, man, you're absolutely right. Phone Post 3.0

Now I swear... Phone Post 3.0


Evil Dead art print I picked up yesterday Phone Post 3.0