I Think I Got Scammed from Home Cleaning Services

Our dog accidentally peed on the bed while we were away and my girlfriend found some mattress cleaner service that had good reviews to come in and salvage the mattress.

They came in and immediately tried to charge a higher fee than quoted because of how much had “seeped in”. Bait and switch. We refused and they finally did it for slightly higher cost than quoted.

When he left he claimed it would be dry in 5 hours. FORTY EIGHT hours later, it finally dried and totally water damaged the mattress.

Here’s where the fun begins. They refuse to come back and fix this! The “reviews” turns out to be hundreds of fake good Google reviews, their Yelp reviews are 1 star. The number I call is actually some lady who works from home and is just a “dispatcher”. Their address is just some Santa Monica PO Box. They are a mobile cleaner company type.

Anyone know what to do in this situation? Everytime I call back the manager is “in a meeting”. Hasn’t responded in two weeks. Not even really sure how to proceed. Ready to double leg someone if necessary.

Time for a new mattress

Have a friend call and set up a meeting at his house. When he arrives, you know what to do.

BBB complaint is about it 

Take a dump on the mattress, call them to clean it. 

When the guy shows up, rub his nose in it and tell him what a bad boy he's been. 

My advice is to stop pissing the bed and blaming the poor dog