I think I invented the GOAT breakfast sandwich

You make it sound like it’s a mayonnaise sandwich (which there is nothing wrong with).

It’s not.

Mayo to taste.
A reasonable amount.


With MAYO!

It’s common…because its so good!

I was just busting balls. Its not my type of breakfast sandwich but I don’t judge your mayo coated lifestyle like Jamie would.

To me, mayo can’t get invited to the party until its time for lunch. I like your beloved mayo on lots of lunchtime sandwiches.

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I only eat breakfast like once a week.

Sometimes we have fried egg sandwiches for dinner.

Some people don’t eat mayo at all!
Im like…enjoy your dry ham sandwich.

Yeah, honestly I only eat breakfast like once or twice a month… like the old school big Sat or Sun breakfast. Thats why I was in a deep caloric deficit leaning out and I got a hardcore craving for a bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, onion and capers. Added on the side honeydew melon, bacon, a chocolate croissant and black coffee. Made a thread calling it the GOAT breakfast and the OG tried to shit on it like it was not awesome. Thats like a breakfast I only eat like once a year when on vacation or something like that like a holiday. The funny thing is it was just a food craving/dream when my calories were low and I’ve still not had that damn GOAT breakfast since I made that thread. I’m gonna try to remember to have it on morning in July. I think I had it one day on vacation at the beach and it just became my go-to relaxing vacation breakfast tradition.

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Sounds good to me…but I’d skip the chocolate croissant.

Yeah we go out for Sunday brunch sometimes.

I usually get either Huevos Rancheros or country fried steak with eggs.
Always with 2 bloody mary’s.

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Now you are talking my language…

Bloody Marys are really the only alcohol I’ve been drinking outside of beers. Really like them outside in the sun by the water or at a bar at a good seafood spot with steamed shellfish and sometimes raw oysters. Prefer them spicy., sometimes really spicy.

Got a big bloody kick a few years ago and it just never went away.

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I like them with olives, maybe a pickle wedge.

Pass on the celery. And no bacon lol.

Don’t think I’ve had one with pickle but I know it would be fine by me. Always drink them with green olives. Usually celery too and it don’t bother me. Never yet had one with bacon but the pics of those look good but its really not necessary and yeah I don’t think I want a piece of bacon as a stirrer or in my face while I’m trying to drink a bloody.

Last time I had bloodys I went to this one spot that was supposed to have good seafood and it was the worst bloody mary I’ve ever had, they were just using the cheapest, thinnest bloody mixer I’ve ever had and must have given me bottom of the barrel liquor too, it was bad. Next spot I went to was a mexican joint that gave me a legit spicy bloody with top of the line bloody mary mix. It was like night and day. A really good bloody mix is so important… its like a 1 star drink vs a 5 star drink with that.

I’ve never drank them at home or at friends houses but am gonna start this summer. Will have to see who makes the best mixes and order a few bottles of mix this week.

I like this one.

Zing Zang.


I’ll give a try in July, has great reviews. I’ll see if I can grab it locally cheaper but if not I’ll get it online.

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Chicharron is the GOAT Breakfast Sammich

if scrapple is bacon i’m picking up what you’re putting down. old bay is nice. i have some in the fridge. but you should try this man:

i like a little avocado as well

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