I Think I want an Xbox

I think I do. It's got some games on it that I really want to play- Fable, Halo2, Doom3, etc. I'm also getting tired of my ps2 pooping out on me. The thing is that I already own a ps2 and Gamecube, so it's hard to justify another big purchase

so I guess my questions are is how long is this system's life going to be, and when do they plan on releasing the next gen. Also, are there any other big releases coming up in the near future for it?

Fable is tempting me to buy an X-Box. The problem is that I would not buy one other game for it. I would only own it to play Fable.

i hear ya, spg - i really want to play ninja gaiden, too. it's really hard justifying a console purchase by now :P

Yeah I watched a few guys at work play Fable and it looked to be pretty good, but not this amazing game worth buying a whole system for.

Plus, I bet they break down and release it on PC eventually.

LOL@Buying a system for one game... That's pretty keen-o.

Now, Halo 2, Kingdome Under Fire, Ghost, Half-Life 2 is enough to warrant a purchase though.

"LOL@Buying a system for one game... That's pretty keen-o."

hmm..this is obviously a concept that's foreign to xbox owners.

I bought a PS2 for Vice City and have never once regretted it.

just hold on until day after thanksgiving; it'll be $99.00. watch...

i doubt u will only have one game for the console ..naturally a game for that said consolewill getu to get it but u WILL buy other games for it sooner or later.

XBOX is the only system I bought without the mentality of buying a console for one game.

Nintendo = Mario Brothers
Genesis = NHL Hockey
Playstation = WWF Smackdown
N64 = WCW/NWO Revenge
Dreamcast = Soul Calibur
PS2 = GTA 3

XBOX had way more than one game that I wanted, many of the other systems made me regret their purchase.

I bought my Xbox mainly for one or two games, but since then I have discovered that I always end up wanting the Xbox version of games that are released on multiple systems. The hard drive allows you to store more shit than you will ever even need, and never have to delete any of it. Plus it has the capability to let you make custom soundtracks, a cool feature that most developers should be shot for not taking advantage of. Plus if one version looks or sounds better, it's usually the Xbox one. And if you play games online, it's obviously the best for that.

And also nobody's mentioned yet that Jade Empire and Conker: Live And Reloaded will be released next year, so there's still more awesomeness to look forward to.

As a PC gamer, who only plays consoles casually it makes waaay more sense to get an Xbox. While there are a few titles that have not been ported over from PS2 (devil may cry etc) most games are available on both. Xbox has the harddrive, better online play, and it looks so much better then a PS2. If only more games would come out in 720p.