I think I'm screwed! advice please

I notcied that next to my shin, on the muscle just above the ankle, is a mass about 2 cm in length. It is under the skin but the swelling is very visible. The borders are not very uniform, which worries me, and the feel of the lump is firm. I think it has been there less than a month because pics I took about a month ago (grappling comp) dont show any sign of it.

It does not hurt at all and there is no discoloration.

My doctor says that if it does not go down in a couple of weeks we will have to biopsy it.


andre- If I remember correctly didn't we have a discussion about lymph nodes, fatigue, etc a couple of years ago on this forum?

Hi JockDoc,

Yes, we did. I had a lymph node in my neck that was enlarged. It was biopsied and came back negative for cancer.

Do you think this could be related?


I thought so. Good to hear it worked out well. I doubt they are related, but anything is possible. What you describe sounds like an odd place for an enlarged lymph node, but again anything is possible. I'd just follow it with your regular doc.

None of the above, could be a slight muscle herniation, some synovial swelling is possible as a wag, but is not a tuma

Thanks for the replies, guys!

howardo, that's what I think/hope. I am just wondering why it doesnt hurt if it is just damage to the muscle...


I hope its nothing serious...
Good luck man.

good luck Andreh keep us posted

Thanks for the well wishes, guys.

I saw the general surgeon today. He said he didnt think it was cancer, but that we should have an MRI to get a better idea of what it is exactly. If the MRI looks suspicious, they will go in and take it out to have it looked at in the lab.

Let's hope it doesnt get to that!