I think Lindland is gonna win

I know he's not supposed to, and all common sense is telling me that he shouldn't, but something in my gut tells me that he's gonna come out of nowhere and shock the world.

I get these gut feelings now and then (gut told me that O'Brien was gonna beat Heath, and that Serra was gonna beat GSP), and they're usually right.

But maybe it's just gas...



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I'll bet you my blue name for your mod status that Fedor will win...

I wanna put 5,000 on lindland just to see if he'd pull it off... wonder what the odd's are

See, you have nothing to lose by predicting this. If Lindland wins, you predicted the biggest upset of all time. If he loses, well... shit, he was supposed to, right? That said, Fedor by mauling Woogie's head off.

No you douche bags, I'm not a damn troll. I just have this feeling he's gonna win, that's all...

"I shook up the world! I shook up the world!"

Matt Lindland, 2007.

Not saying you're trolling, just that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making this prediction. Put money on it, if you really believe it.

I put $100 on the Law

nothing would surprise me as of late, so far 2007 is the year of the upset...

Either way, this thread is a must TTT on Sunday.

i wouldn't be surprised if lindland totally controlled the fight. fedor is so overrated here that nobody will admit he has some weaknesses with positioning. lindland is exactly the type to exploit that. if lindland was a heavyweight it'd be an easy decision.

Lindland weighed in at 212. Good or bad thing?

"...something in my GUY..."? He-He-He....

where can i place a bet on this? what's the odds.

Shocking the world is a common occurance these days.

the only way in hell he could win is by a cut or divine intervention.

Lindland by unanimous decision

If I'm wrong then may I be blinded by acid and never watch MMA again.

wtf , why won't Bodog let me join cuz i'm from canada?