I Think Rampage Enjoys Female Reporters

Blast from the past. And lol @ CroCop enjoying it.

Better him humping a female reporter than someone like Ariel Hawanni... or whaterever his last name is

Rampage has humped a lot of female reporters.

Prove it.

Hey, japetto. What's happenin', man? I was in Greece for like 5 weeks. How was your summer?

Damn, I bet Australia was amazing. I met these two Australian chicks who were vacationing in Greece and they were really cool. They told my wife and I what it was like, showed us pics, etc. I hope to check it out someday!

Man, that must be pretty embarrassing to look at after the fact.

 Gotta say that's a pretty scummy thing to do.

Kostakio - Prove it.

Talking to me? There are at least 3 similar videos of separate incidents. Do the google.

J-LauFan1 - 
smichal - Man, that must be pretty embarrassing to look at after the fact.

why? he was of sound mind and body. he wasn't a kid either. he did something similar a couple months go

 he probably fucked her brains out back at his hotel room. Rampage said when he fought in Japan the girls would knock on his door at all hours to be serviced.

ITasteMenstrualFlorian - 
Kostakio - Prove it.

Is it true that you eat balls ?

Innocent until proven guilty, bitch!


CC actually smiling and laughing at the end makes it.  Good stuff.