I think that Frankie was Robbed, but I'm Happy

 Get that guy the fuck out of LW main events.

ENZO007 - I think he was robbed too and I rooted for Henderson

He got overwhelmed in the stats which is weird to me. I thought for sure Frankie outlanded the shit out of Henderson. According to the stats, Henderson landed almost double on every type of strike thrown...

Don't give a shit about the decision... I thought BJ got robbed against Frankie... Live by the robbery, die by the robbery...

I don't believe those stats for a fucking second. Edgar was outlanding Henderson, but the rant about Fightmetric should be saved for another day. 

Edgar needs to go to 45 where he'll actually be able to finish.

 Yeah the numbers are in Bens favor but it was still a close fight in my eyes.

At the same time, Edgars style is going to win him the majority of fights but that style will also end up costing a couple as well so he should wipe that puss off his face.

If he wants defenitive results, finish guys on the regular otherwise STFU about that judging when those same judges gave you a favorable decision against BJ!