I think there's misunderstanding

about why athletes take steroids.

It is NOT about aesthetics,

Anyone that has seen how much pro athletes train will know that they train HARD.

At the rate they train, body can not recover 'damage' that occured during training in time.

And that's where steroid comes in.

Hold on... Does that mean that Tim Sylvia lied to us? C'mon, that isn't possible...

I always figured it was actors who took steroids for aesthetics. Anyone think Ryan Richards was juiced to do Blade:Trinity? If not that guy is a conditioning maniac.

Ryan Reynolds imo!

Ryan Reynolds,thank you.

But what do you think? DO a lot of actors that need to "cut up" for a movie use HGH or steroids? If so, what kind for the mainly cosmetic as opposed to functional physique? Is there a difference in the supplements that a fighter would use?

Just curious because I don't know much about steroids other than I have to treat a skin condition with one. :(

To cut up, use winstrol and ectopoise(sp)

Is that what competition body builders use before an event?

By the way, this is just curiosity, I have no intent to use anything like that, so don't worry you're doling out advice,just info.

Stallone got fined for importing hgh here into australia

My friends that bodybuild and my football player buddies all cycle on winny and ectopoise(sp) when they are in the cutting up process.

It's ungodly the results I see on them. They spend alot of time in the gym but when they add the cycles to their routine, they become fucking specimen