I think we can all agree Tide Pods are delicious

little bastards are colorful and delicious. probably one of the few things i think everyone here can agree on if i was forced to guess

If I am getting the candy you are referring to right, HELL YES, love those little shits.

I vacuumed up at least 3 of those puppies with my dickhole

Honestly, you're right.

Just grabbed me a box of these on the way home, preheating the oven as I type..


You put them fuckers in a keurig? Or what?

I heard those urinal biscuits taste great too!!

When I get home I like to have a hot glass of jet dry.

Ya...i put some tide on my toast....but it was the old powder kind. I dont know what were doing

Downey fabric softener latte 

vagabond - You put them fuckers in a keurig? Or what?

if you don't care about the environment, sure


William H Macy - https://imgur.com/0eJMAsi

We're not gonna protest!


They're the best part of a well balanced meal.


Tide pod pad Thai is a quick and delicious meal that will leave you feeling fresh for seven days.