I thought Cariaso beat Smolka?

Chis Cariaso








FreightTrain - Whats with these mantras:

"I support the police"

"I support the military"

(said in a robotic voice)

I can understand people supporting the general idea of crime deterrence or national defense but these mass generalizations.

For example, I support doctors. I think thats a fairly noble profession. But why would I support all doctors or even say I do...?

Just like anything else, there are doctors who are fucking assholes...

Because there is a huge problem with our media these days, they shit all over the Police because of situations like this video, and people grow up with no respect for officers or the law, and it's getting worse.   

Oh god don't remind us about that snooze fest ! Phone Post 3.0

Smolka did win Phone Post 3.0

SpicyTaco20 - Smolka did win Phone Post 3.0
Lol wat Phone Post 3.0


Good technical bout. I like the Ninja choke attempts.

Ninja Choke!