I thought Dan won...

Round 1 was clearly Dan. Rounds 3 and 4 were clearly Rampage. Rounds 2 and 5 could have went either way. Dan had control of the first 3 minutes then Rampage won the last 2 minutes of each of those rounds. This was by far the best conditoned Rampage ever.

rampage won fairly squarely, imo

Rampage won it alot he won the Lindland fight. Dan was game but I gave Rampage the win.

Dan should go back down to Middleweight!!! There was a time in that fight when the pace changed and I think Rampage overpowered Dan. Dan was worn down. I don't believe a Franklin or maybe even Silva wears Dan down like Rampage did.

I could see Dan beating Anderson or Franklin.

"Rampage won it alot he won the Lindland fight. Dan was game but I gave Rampage the win. "

Rampage won this way more decisively than his fight with Lindland.

This thread just caused the ROMO DETECTOR to explode.

"I agree Dan won.
Dan landed the more damaging blows."

was you watching another hendo bout on tape???

I'm ok with the decision but neither guy really "won"

Rampage Won no doubt

No way Hendo won. That said, it was a close fight.

I had it 3-2 for Hendo but I'm not surprised or dissapointed that Rampage got the nod. It was a good, close fight. Both guys fought tough, I think Hendo gassed and it cost him the decision.

i had rampage winning 3 rounds to 2

I really don't see how you can give 2 to Rampage. 3 and 4 were Rampage's rounds without a doubt. 5 was close, I think the last little flurry in 5 swung it for Rampage. Good fight to have a draw IMHO.

I would like a breakdown of scoring. Do the kimuras count as a submission attempt, do the judges even give a shit about submission attempts? Is a takedown the only score noted even if the guy on top doesn't do much work to follow it up. Do reversals/escapes mean nothing?

.... Buzzed Hendo fan =*(

I agree with the Irish boys.

Rampage definitely won it, though it WAS a good, close fight, without a single "boring" round.

imo dan should fight like randy and never use guard. hes mostly just held down there

although it was nice to see him try a few subs, hes not gonna win off his back, escape, get on top, win

I gave him the first two rounds and the last round until Rampage Rocked him really late. That won the round for Page.

Great fight........hopefully they will do it again sometime down the road.

Rampage was closer to finishing the fight when he had Hendo against the cage, wailing away when the horn went. 10 more seconds, and envision a TKO by Rampage. Hendo's kimura was not real close to finishing the fight. Decisions will always suck in combat sports.

Rampage was better at conserving energy on the bottom then hendo was. Hendo tried to many high energy move to get up.

Rampage finished like the champion.

Close fight, Rampage has had a re-birth since coming to the UFC, his career seemed headed on a downward trajectory in Pride. I had Dan with rounds 1 and 2, 3 even and 4 and 5 Rampage. I can see some giving the 2nd to Rampage but to me he showed just flashes, overall control was realized by Dan. Good to see a champ hold on to the title for a change!