I thought he was only gonna turn up at the

woyale wumble lol


 haha I seen this the other day. 

Kids parents must get a lot of relaxation on Monday.

I'm laughing at his reaction, I had the same issue growing up, you deal with it, he'll be fine...obviously he didn't care so much if he was putting his reaction on Web Cam...bitch!

 That's not really a speech impediment.  Pretty common for kids to use "W" in place of "L" or "R". 

Kid seemed pretty happy.

 no, it's not.

like I said, I grew up with speech problems as well..had to take extra speech classes in the third grade, his reaction was classic, and it's out there for all of us to view, go complain to wrestlezone for releasing it to the public then..

 That would be you.  You have diagnose him over the internet without a speech and lang eval.  Also that article does not say it's a disorder.

You know how many kids have the liquid or sometimes called lazy R?  He will grow out of it. 

 and laughing at that isn't making fun of him. 

Try not to flip your lid YET again though

Maybe this will put you over the edge YET again though and you can go to bodybuilding.com and browse forum topics from 3 years ago, come back with 3 blue names, try to drag this shit over to fightsport and whatever else you do.

But again, I am the crazy one with all the screen names. 

LOL @ you Jermey you have sever issuse.  Look at your track record.

you guys are crazy lol