I thought the KOTC was sucked

I had high expectations but was sorely dissapointed. The KOTC is billed as being just short of the UFC but I will say that it is not even the best card I have seen in Alberta(in terms of production quality). I could list 3 or 4 cards in western Canada that had better production quality.

Plus I can also say that the attitudes of the promoters sucked. they acted like they were doing everyone a favour by bringing their event up here and that it was an inconvenience for them to be putting on the show and dealing with the fighters. They tried crap like getting fighters to pay for their own gloves, not giving meal money(which is industry standard in western Canada), and short changing the fighters on their pay.

they also had idiotic event rules for the fighters. examples? they asked the fighters to show up at 5 then stated that they couldn't leave the drssing room until their fight-fights didn't start until 8 and the last fight wasn't done until past 11. The cornermen were not allowed to stand by the ring they had to sit in chairs about 8 feet from the cage. their was also no way to attend to the fighters between rounds because the cage design didn't have an apron.

Despite a Production quality that you would expect more from a first time event and not a veteran event like KOTC and aside form the poor attitude of the promoters towards the fighters putting bread on your table most of the fights were good and none of the fighters phoned it in which is what it seems the promoters were trying to do.

and that is just the disappointed opinion of a fan of the sport.

I am going to have to agree. I was not impressed with KOTC.

I wish KOTC well but they have been on the decline for a couple years now.

Hopefully with the new interest in MMA from the mainstream they'll be able to get things going in a better direction.

For a MasterDebator your english is remarkably poor.

"..KOTC was sucked" ?

I also believe they need to evaluate how they operate. I sent 7 e-mails and not one was responded to. All basic, simple requests like press releases and fighter stuff...I never received a response to ANYTHING I sent at all.

Dougie tells me they are great guys, so I'll stick by his word, even though my experience says otherwise. I'm sure they are all excellent guys, but I do find it frustrating when I simply wanted some info and offered to help them while they were in Canada, and got the big FU...:(

All I can say is that any dealings I have had with Corey Fischer have been good positive ones.

I'm just a fan though and not a promotor or anything Joe so I don't know what their business practices are.

The guy was great to me though.

Your word goes a long way with me my man, hence, I'll still try and work with KOTC as best I can.

Wish they would see me some press releases though...;)

I think one of the biggest things is publishing the fight card to promote ticket sales. I'm not a promotor by any means but it was weird buying tickets for an event where there wasn't much advertising of the fight card.

I'm with Showdown Joe.

I contacted them many times about getting a press pass and they never responded to me.