I thought there were rules re: steroid accusations

 The steroid accusations against Lesnar and GSP are completely out of control. It's hard to have a discussion about anything fight related without someone making a steroid comment, with zero evidence.

As a matter of fact the veiled comments are now made completely out in the open and sometimes hijack and dominate an entire thread.

If some of you idiots have something you can back up, please do. If not, then quit being children.

 " (4) posting on the topic of illegal drug use in anything but an educational, informative manner. Of particular concern are attacks directed at page moderators. Of highest concern are prominent figures in the field, notably fighters. These individuals are due respect and admiration. If you must post negative comments, these must be respectful, as if you were speaking to the person in question face to face."

posting forum rules, how cute.

There are rules.. there's just no one enforcing them

As a UFC fighter once told me "Reality is the money is in cheating, not in stopping cheaters"

sparkyman has roid raged all over this thread.


 Some of the threads here get completely dominated by steriod accusations and it gets tiring. It's always the same idiots.

The best way to get people to stop speculating on their steroid use is to make a thread about it and name them specifically. Well done.

^^ this isnt a public place. Its a privately owned forum.

And the very fact that you throw out gyno as some sort of sign for steroid shows your ignorance about the subject. Do you know how common gyno is in men?

Wovito - GSP looks like someone who has at one point or another in his professional career taken anabolic sterdoids IMO.


Wovito - Sparkyman, how do you feel about Barry Bonds? Never failed a single test but CLEARY on something anabolic or HGH. Are we allowed to speculate about that, or do we all need court verified documentation to post our opinions?

IMO: GSP has gyno and looks like someone who has at one point or another in his professional career taken anabolic sterdoids IMO. Same goes fro Lesnar IMO.

So does Rashad Evans, Keith Jardine, IMO.

This is America. We're all entitled to our opinions. If allegations are out of control in your opinion, that's because in your opinion, too many free thinking people are exercising their constitutionally protected right of free speech. Deal with it. Don't read the threads if you don't want but to call for more censorship? Go pound sand.
Thank you for proving my point.


It's like speculating about whether some lard ass overeats. You have no proof if you haven't eaten with them but there are many tell tale signs.

"I know gyno is not nearly as common in the general population as it is in mma. What gives?"

Two thirds of pubescent boys and overall 60% of the male population experience gyno at some point of their lives.

Common enough?

"Additionally, all of those comments were qualified my IMO meaning in my opinion. My opinion is based on my own research, including my personal dealings with likely over 100 steroid users."

Yeah yeah, this is the UG, everyone is an expert

"Re: this being a privately owned forum: Do you think the intent of the owners is for free and reasonable exchange of ideas, or for censorship of opinion that does not qualify as defamation?"

The owners intent is already clear. You can read the rules posted above. You saying GSP, Rashad, Lesnar have taken anabolic steroids is not in any way educational but a direct accusation wich is against HIS rules. Wether you consider it defamation or not is not relevant. Its not your forum, you have no say in this, its not a democracy


Overeem is on steroids. Fact.

"What part of "IN MY OPINION, IT LOOKS LIKE . . ." is a direct accusation? I'm stating what I think. My thoughts are my own property. I can use them as I like. The purpose of using "IMO" all over the place in my quotes is to make it clear that I am stating my own opinion."

Of course its your opinion, What its supposed to be universal fact?. You can have your opinion, tell all your friends about your opinion, discuss your opinion with your mom and dad. However once you registered at this private forum you also agreed to follow its rules. And here you cannot state your opinion in that manner. You might not like it, you might not agree, but its not a democracy, you have no say in the matter. You are perfectly free to voice your opinion elsewhere

"As far as defamation goes. I agree that my personal opinion on what is or is not defamation is irrelevant. The legal definition matters however, and opinions qualified as such are NOT defamation."

Yet again you simply fail to understand that you are not voicing your opinion on a public street. You are posting in a private forum. It has nothing to do with the legal definition of defamation but the rules Kirik wants at HIS forum

I dont even care wether you think GSP or Lesnar roids. Im not the resident hallway monitor. I just felt like fucking with you because one of the biggest tell tale signs of someone who doesnt know anything about steroids is the person who claims to be able to tell based on appearance if someone is using steroids

Tour De France riders are some of the biggest steroid abuser in sports. Yet none of them show the typical signs of roid use.

Tim Sylvia sure as hell never looked like he was roiding. Alistair Overeem according to forum perception sure as hell looks like he is roiding. But there is actually a possibility that he is not.

Believe it or not, a lot of people who has never touched steroids get bacne, have gyno and actually put on a lot of musclemass

So the answer to your question, yes most likely a lot of athletes in this sport and many sports use performance enhancers. But you would never be able to tell from their physique. It could be the pudgy fat guy in the HW division, it could be the skinny pencil neck in the LW division, it could be the person you least expect. And believe it or not, Lesnar and GSP might actually be clean

I tend to agree with OP...because basically the "IMO" disclaimer is a pussy way of avoiding confrontation...it's like saying "no offense" to someone after you've just said something very offensive to them and expecting the disclaimer to make the ignorance of your actions excusable. Secondly, steroid debates based on opinions have never led to any valuable result. People entrench on one camp or another, if someone tests dirty some dickwad gets all proud of being able to say "I told you so" and bumping up their thread...never doing the same every time one of their accused tests clean etc.


"You are confusing stating an opinion with a factual allegation. The rule you cited states " anything but an educational, informative manner. " I am educating and informing, not accusing based on my real life experiences with steroid users"

And the rest of the paragraph goes that you should write as if you were talking to them face to face. We both know you would never call anyone of them a roider face to face, thus you are breaking forum rules

Writing "IMO" doesnt let you get away with that


"see above. Posting defamation ANYWHERE can still be construed as actual defamation by courts. So it in fact DOES matter."

And that has exactly what to do with the fact that we are not discussing defamation but you breaking forum rules?

"Don't they take EPO, something used to stimulate bone marrow to manufacture more erythrocytes (red blood cells)? I'm not sure what "typical signs of EPO use" you are looking for."

They also take anabolic steroids you twat. Again i knew you were utterly clueless about the subject. You are just another wannabe who registered at bodybuilding.com and now think you are an expert because you read a couple of steroid profiles

"IIRC, TS was bigger and more cut on the gas than at any other point in his career no? As far as using Overeem as your example . . . . . dude . . ."

Again this really shows how fucking clueless you are. You wouldnt even be able to tell the difference between sustanon and a bottle of olive oil

And lol @ yer "its yer life own the line!!" questionnare form