Yesterday I met up with Phil Hughes
and I asked him to bring the High Gear
suit, because I wanted to try it on and
'spar' in it.

Let me tell you, this suit is awesome!

While I was in the suit, Phil really laid
a beating down on me.

You don't 'play around' in this suit, you fight
in it, no holds barred... almost;p

Getting beat up is quite an experience...

Although you feel ALL the impact and pain when
taking shots, the suit does protect you!!!!

I'm very fortunate to have met Phil, and I would
absolutlely HATE to be in the ring with him.


Thanks. I've worked hard to get that suit together. Not many people in the commercial scenario based training field understand my gear.

Spread the word!


"Not many people in the commercial scenario based training field understand my gear."

Why do you feel that is.

L. Nat

If I may be so bold...

I think the answer is because, people like me, who
train recreationally and for amateur grappling tournaments, don't really realize the potential
that the suit can add to their training.

Think about it... Navy Seals and prison guards use
this suit to train, they do'nt play, they train in life/death scenarios and since the suit offers the fullest amount of protection, it's perfect!

I'll have to admit... I just wanted to 'try it out'
but Phil showed me the true potential of the suit, we went damn hard, and I realized you don't 'play around' in it!


Hello Matt, haven't spoken in a while. How are you? A friend of mine recently ordered A special for my birthday. Got your message. Thanks!

Thanks for the info you provided above. I for one intellectually fully appreciate the enhancement and difference Tony's product provides. From my prospective I just find it difficult that anyone can have such a skewed preception regarding a viable training tool.

I sometimes forget how powerfull envy & jealously can be in causing cerebral distortion.

Stay safe.

L. Nat

To all of you who have trained under or through Coach
Blauer in one form or another and those of you
contemplating in taking this step and are intelligently
evaluating your options.

Firstly, to address the High Gear Simulation System. I
currently own and regularly train wtih this equipment
to create a realistic enviroment for both myself and my
students. As mentioned above, the purpose of the suit
is too do just that by allowing the users to have
unrestricted mobility while offering protection yet causing the recipient of the strike to feel it and
react in the same manner that one would when struck in
the actual street confrontation, without the protection
creating the "Mental Blueprint". Recently while
assisting Tony with a "No-Shoot Combatives" course,
directed towards S.W.A.T., i was on the receiving end
of 50+ S.P.E.A.R.'s into a solid wall, which at one
time collapsed ontop of too of us from the impact. The
suit allowed me to initially approach the student in a
realistic manner allowing this individual to deal with
not only the physical threat but the emotional threat
as well, with an unarmed subject moving towards them
aggressively. The suit then allowed me to take the
strike and not only react to the stimulus, but as a
coach, allows me to crtique how it was executed through
the tactile sensations that i experience.


To address Mr. Quinn's statement,s posted above about
Coach Blauer's concepts and simulatiion system. Anyone
who can read and formulate an indepenent thought,
should have noticed that his statements contradict
themselves. How can you teach a real "adrenal stress"
experience if your opponent can not replicate the
actual street attack without having certain
restrictions imposed on them. Again, what kind of
information are you providing to your student by
allowing them to strike with full power to a target
area and not have thier react to it. We used to do
similar training with the "F.I.S.T. Suit" and the use
of an impact weapon whereas the student was required to
do a 3 minute round, striking an immobile opponent as
many times as they can within that time period. Am i
the only one that can see a problem with this. As a
result of the negative expereince the student had,
student an opponent numerous times without receiving
the desired effect, the students were hesitent in using
this force option. I presently teach Coach Blauer's
simulation sytem opposed to the one mentioned above,
which from what i understand is what Mr. Quinn is
presently using. Does this mean that i have regressed
in my method of training. YOU BE THE JUDGE!

As for his comment about the circulation of the e-mail
and the laughter that followed. Mr. Quinn, through his
letters attempts to pass himself off as a
'professional' in the world of the self-protection yet
openly displays traits to the contrary. I personally
have not met or wish to pursue anything through him, as
i am satisfied with the real results i have experienced
since joining B.T.S., so i can not openly identify him
as a fraud. But i ask those of you still re-viewing
your options to look at the evidence at hand and make
and educated decision as to where you would like your
training to go.

I can keep going but to maintain all of our sanity, i
will end it here.

To those of you wishing to contact me personally on
this subject, please feel free to do so at
seanm@tbaytel.net. I have nothing to hide from anyone.

Train Hard, Keep it Real and Stay Safe!


Despite Peyton's instinct to ape Santa Claus and
go 'Ho Ho Ho' he did not address the two, plain
criticisms that were made. One, the enormous size
of those Lost In Space monster helmets provides
a target that is not present in reality. Second, the
size of the helmets precludes any serious

As the last ten years have demonstrated without a
doubt the utility of grappling in self defense, and
Peyton's equipment prevents its reasonable use,
describing someone else's program as 'Ten years
behind the time' is pretty ironic. Further,
condescendingly making that 10 year remark
based on sngle viewing of a single tape is not
indicative of trustworthy level of thinking.

Please don't misread my words. I am not saying
that grappling is everything, simply that it works, as
does striking, and that a self defense program that
does not address grappling contains a hole big
enough to fit one of those helmets through.

To all of those who train for the real fight I say hello. I would first like to state that my entire Safety Team utilizes the High Gear. Without this gear the simulations dont always give you the angles or moves you are looking for. Another thing that I noticed was that some one stated you can not "finish the move" in this gear. I know of at least seven people who can testify that I have finished the move on them and had them controlled while we were both wearing the gear. As far as training goes those of us who train with Coach Blauer try to understand his philosophy(as best as we can since he is truly remarkable with knowledge)and one of the most important things Tony has taught me is that there are always going to be people bad mouthing others, but as long as WE know the truth WE can laugh at other remarks made with jealousy. Last but not least I would go in to battle with Tony at any time feeling most confident of victory. Can you say that about some of the others who like to "talk"???


I'd like to get some for the self defense classes I help run at college, but they're out of my price range. Too bad.

I have read this thread over many times, especially the words spoken by Peyton Quinn and at first I was quite angry but now I feel concern. His comments are so ludicrous and without validation that I wonder if he was heard of the concepts of weighing and considering. I have not seen his suit except for in magazines and I must say that is does appear to be over cumbersome and lacks mobility, something that the HIGH GEAR does not. I own two suits and I have had so much success in my training. It is imporatant that a combative suit allows you to the feel pain of your "MISTAKES". Also, the mobility of the HIGHT GEAR, allows the participants's bodies to react NATURALLY to an attack or blow. I get a punch in the face and my body will move according to my bodies emotional and behavioral response. This is reality...my opponent will be able to see his CWCT from these natural reactions to the threat. High Gear allows my body to flinch, counter, grab, strike, grapple, run, roll and speak.

You need to experience the HIGH GEAR in order to truly understand the naturalness of its design.
I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with High Gear, but it must be intellectual and arguements must have some sort of validation. Saying anything sucks...just does not cut it.

I have never had any problems with Peyton's cirriculum, BUT I now have a concern regarding his character as an instructor and as a professional.

"Good information does not displace good information"...Coach Blauer.

Let the politics of MARTIAL ARTS and self preservation be silent for good!!!

Robb Finlayson


Thanks for the post. I'm glad the High Gear 'Experience' wasn't lost on you. The gear is nothing short of revolutionary.

I wanted to quickly address something in Mr. Quinn's post. I should begin by stating that, having sent the letter to Black Belt, I have been 'concerned' about his ignorance for some time. His comments are not suprising...just disappointing. It's always a shame when someone has such a low regard for themselves and their ability that they can only raise it by attempting to lower anothers.

This is my issue with 'asymetric training'

"If you do it right the student does not even realize the assiant is weariung any armor." P.Q.

To quote Coach Blauer while training me for my fight,"Attack is Bullshit! Our fear is not in beating up the bad guy! Our fear is being beaten." When the 'assistant' is unable to move, react, respond, HIT BACK, there is no RISK!!! With no risk there is only 'physical' training. As stated so aptly in previous posts the only anxiety in this scenario, is performance.

High Gear is an EXPERIENCE! It is more than a set of ergonomically designed protective equipment. It is a 'role players' tool...a 'risk takers' tool. High gear allows a safe portal into the spontaneous. There is almost nothing you cannot do in the gear. Subsequently, there is almost nothing that your opponent can do! Whatever 'role' you play in the gear, you 'feel' the consequences of 'less desireable' decision making. Coach Blauer has often said ,"Pain is a spiritual teacher". High Gear doesn't remove pain...it just lessons some of the lasting after effects.

I have had 2 suits since they became commercially available. They have been an incredible tool for developing emotional, psychological, and physical confidence. If anyone in the Toronto area would like the 'Experience' drop me an e-mail


God Bless and Play Safe,


Lots of guys say stupid things about Tony's stuff.

Since I've actually done most of the stuff Quinn's wet dreams are made of, I'm writing him a long letter in response to his statenments.

Since I have seen all Quinn's tapes his claims that Tony is "110 years be hind" is fall down funny.

Since Quinn brgas about being a big beer drinker (and actually sits down to suck a beer ON CAMERA in one of his training tapes - i think somebody needs to do an intervention and get Quinn to rehab after this dilusion.

Besides - just one look at Quinn (measuring his Gut !)show that he hasn't worked out at all in the last 10 years.

What a looser !

Joe Stagner

PS: I haven't tested this - but I'm told the foloowing is his email !


Have Fun !


believe you me.. the High Gear training was NOT
lost on me... it made me realize (yet once again),
I'm not "all that" as far as fighting is concerned.
Grappling is one thing, street preparedness is something else:(

I just visit Peyton's site.... it's really sad cuz
everything on this site is basically "Tony Blauer"
all over again... where does this guy get off?

I know i shouldn't take these this personal, but
plagiarism needs to be exposed... I hate seeing
Tony's work being copied and sold off as someone else's

Peyton's probably a nice guy, but his "professional"
image and comments do not come across very nice:(

My agency purchased 4 High Gear suits at the beginning of the year. I've used them in training scenario drills, SWAT entries, weapon retention and weapon takeaway, groundfighting, and resistant cuffing. I've had nothing but good experiences with Tony's gear. I've seen a GREAT improvement in trainee's ability to strike effectively, as I can give them feedback while wearing the suits. This has been very valuable with trainees who haven't had much experience in fighting. Trainees with more experience in violent altercations have also greatly improved their timing, speed, accuracy, and most importantly, their ability to deal with the psychological and emotional demands of combat. I hope to attend a SPEAR instructor's certification course in the near future and incorporate that into our training.

We've started using the suits with Simunitions (with appropriate precautions) , making students choose between disengagement, presence, verbal, unarmed, baton, OC, and firearms on the use of force continuum, in a dynamic, chaotic scenario. Sometimes they choose wrong. That is a far more valuable experience than simply being lectured in a classroom on "appropriate use-of-force choices."

I have not worn a "Planethead" suit, although I have held and examined one. I have worn many of the other popular suits, including the FIST suit and the Redman Suit (about which the less said, the better. I told Tony about an incident after I wore a Redman suit as a favor for another instructor, and wound up with a contusion on my thigh so huge it looked like I had a second quadricep on that leg.) The FIST suit is okay for some training such as baton, where a heavier degree of protection may be required. In my personal opinion, FIST suits, Redman suits and Planethead suits are designed to teach students who may be inexperienced or fearful about striking another individual. At an early stage in training, they can be useful. Beyond that stage, they can breed bad habits. Rarely are real opponents large, lumbering creatures with heads the size of an Easter Island statue.

And about those giant heads... As Tony has pointed out, NO helmet will protect the head of the wearer against the trauma of full-power blows. As the training programs of schools using the Planethead suit (based on my admittedly limited knowledge of their curricula) tend to rely on head and groin shots, the wearers are soaking up a lot of trauma, perhaps based on a false sense of confidence in the protective abilities of the suits. The accounts I've read by trainers on the internet using the suits indicate that concussions, fractures, etc. are not uncommon. Believe me, the long term effects of head strikes are nothing to be macho about. Go to your local boxing gym and talk to some of the trainers, or watch an interview with Muhammad Ali if you don't believe me. "Pugilistic Parkinson's Syndrome" is a tragedy. Read what Tony has written about the subject, and always defend yourself in a suit the same way you would if you weren't wearing protection. You are not doing yourself or the student any favors.

Incidentally, if you look at the ads for the manufacturers of impact suits targeted at martial arts trainers, such as Macho and FIST and Redman, they are all beginning to market "mobility suits" that are smaller and offer more speed and mobility than the Michelin Man suits they first offered. This began a little while after Tony's High Gear Suits came on the market. Interesting.


I must say that Phil and MickJeCo seem to have coverd it all.

I have a great deal of experience working with the gear that MR. Quinn feels is so effective. In fact I own one of the suits made by the same people who make Quinns armor. I also have had the opportunity to work with the High Gear on several occasions. I can tell you now there is no comparrison. I do feel (as has been fairly stated by Tony and others) that there are times when the large bulky armor may have its place. It is great for work with new students, large groups with whom you are working only briefly, etc. Having worn, taguht, and trained in both suits I can also say that reality in training can be found much more readily in the High Gear. The "Bullet-Man" suit has it's place and is not with out its merrits, but the truth is the two suits are so differnt it is silly to compare them. They are each designed for a differnt purpose. Both can be effective training tools, but High Gear is light years ahead in how it can be applied to bring training and conditioning closer to true combat.


I own two of Tony's suits and frankly I'm amazed at Mr. Quinn's comments. I would respectfully submit that it is quite possible that Mr. Quinn is the one who is 10 years behind. As Robb, Sean, Kirik and others have already pointed out, the High Gear suits allow complete mobility there is no limitation regarding tactics used in simulations. I was actually 'laughing my ass off' contemplating the absurdity of two people attempting to grapple while wearing the 'Bullet Head' suits used by Mr. Quinn.

However, the real crux of the issue lies not so much in comparing the differences in body armor, but the underlying tactics and strategies in the systems using the suits. When you are teaching a class of beginners how to throw full power strikes, the Bullet Head or FIST suits are fine. But how realistic is it to assume that in the event you are attacked you will be able to rip full power shots over and over again and never get hit your self? If you can pull this off, it might be that your 'attacker' is already unconscious.

The High Gear suit is the next evolution in protective equipment. Mr. Blauer spent tens of thousands of dollars and eight years developing these suits. As mentioned in previous posts the equipment allows the user experience pain, without being injured. As for Mr. Quinn's assertion that his students just hit too hard for the High Gear suit I must take exception. First and foremost, the suits were NOT designed for you to stand there and repeatedly accept full power shots. They are not designed to make you a human heavy bag. I can personally tell you however, that they do provide excellent protection when you do get nailed, as I have, many times. It hurts. This really gives you incentive to move, jam or evade. It also helps you to accept and train through pain and the physical, emotional and psychological inertia that can occur if one never experiences the shock of contact.

The 'Panic Attack' simulation system has been in a constant state of evolution for the past twenty years. The High Gear suits are a part of the Lego System that Coach Blauer has developed which includes Cerebral Self Defense, Chu Fen Do, Performance Enhancement Psychology, Fear management skills the S.P.E.A.R. system and more than I can even hope to get into on a post of this nature.

Mr. Quinn is coming across as someone who is suffering from a bit of a superiority complex. His statements expose his own ignorance and arrogance. His failure to completely investigate the facts before he made his statements expose his own prejudice. Contrast that attitude with what Mr Blauer wrote in his CFD System "CODE OF CONDUCT":

"It is said that when the student is ready the teacher appears...this is true in many respects, but know that I consider myself a student always and that I embrace change - I am always willing to give up who I am today for who I may become tomorrow. Believe in yourself. Believe in change. Choose your path carefully."...

Who would you rather train with?



As part of Whitney's training team, we are extremely satisfied with the suits. We train around sixty staff while using the High Gear. I can't speak for them, but the reactions on their faces are words enough. I know this brings them to a new level in training.
I am truly sorry for Coach Blauer to have to continue to justify or protect his property. Coach is a self-less indivdual that prides himself on making people safe.
I have only been on this forum for nine months and continue to hear the same bullshit. I, myself, could not reamin as professional as Coach Blauer, and this I applaud you for this.

I consider him not only as a true professional, but a good friend.

Keep up the Good Work and I am behind you all the way.


I echo the sentiment of pat and josh, as we are part of the same cadre. I also cannot remain silent and must participate in the what seems to be every six week,

It's sad and disturbing that the same kind of politics
and unprofessionalism that occurs in most of the
martial arts world has also managed to seep into the
Self-defense world as well.

I own and have worked with the High Gear suits, and
they are great. Everything that you can do normally,
you can do in the gear. How great is that? How can that
not be valuable in training to fight?

The mobility of the gear has allowed me to really
educate my students far more than turning me into a
punching bag ever would have.

Example: While doing some scenarios during a
self-defense course with some friends, one of the
students, as I encroached, went to elbow me in the
head. Unfortunately, she cocked it before she fired
causing me to flinch and move long before she fired
the shot.

How would she have learned that if I was dressed up
as Santa?

Quinn's stuff may have value. i have no clue. I've
never worked with him or his material, and I will not
criticize that which I know nothing about. Perhaps
Mr. Quinn should do the same.

I find the "I'd punch through that armor easily" crap
reminiscent of the "deadly technique" crap that
permeates most classical martial arts.

Tony is one of the best teachers I've ever had the
pleasure of working with. To say he's ten years behind
the times is ludicrous. If anything, he's ten years

Jake Steinmann