I turned $0 into 100$ on internet

i am a genius, i was browsing a few websites when i came across this


if your to lazy to click on it, its a list of poker and casino programs that offer free money (no deposit required) so i claimed my free 25$. played some blackjack turned it into 60$. i put that 60$ into a pokerstars account, and BAM! turned it into 100$.

how awesome is that?!?!

guys im in a good mood and thats way im sharing my good fortune. i recommend you guys go on the website

So what spyware did you download with these website/programs?


A friend of mine started with nothing on Hog Poker and got up over $600.

really when i think about it, alot of online casinos offer free sign up promotions (e.g. deposit 100$, and get $100) if i read the terms and conditionas and met all of the wagering requirements that i would need before being able to cash out the bonus, i can easily just go from casino to casino claiming the bonus...

I tried that site. I don't know, my results were exactly what I expected.

I was able to run up the $25 to about $125 playing some video poker, but mostly blackjack, and then when I had played $500 in action I tried to cash out. Got denied.

They told me I had to play $500 in SLOTS action.

Naturally, when I went to slots, suddenly I couldn't win a draw, and my balance fell to zero - what a coincidence - when I was about $25 short of satisfying the $500/action requirement.

I bet if a bunch of you go and play the site, you'll have exactly the same experience, if you play basic strategy in the blackjack, and focus on that when you first start playing.

You can call me paranoid, lol, or you can accept the reality that human nature is predictable when unfettered by laws or threat of accountability.