I wanna pork Rachel Nichols

The chick doing postgame interviews for ESPNNews. She's overtaken Suzy Kolber as my #1 ESPN piece of ass.

Oh, and Pam Oliver would get it, too.


oh, yeah, I know, I know.....pics motherfucker pics...BAN!!!

Well, suck it up, because google image search didn't have any pics that weren't thumbnail-sized.


fine, but this is hardly worth the effort, IMO



Oliver (on the left):

maybe, but now that I think about it, I've never seen the whole-body look from Kolber. Pam Oliver, as the pic above suggests, is a nice little package.

My new rankings are: Nichols, Oliver, and Kolber


seems like a mission for Soup Nazi...

Nope, that girl is an actress.

"I know - but she's hot.
I couldn't resist posting the pics."

Fair enough. Well done.

As for Lisa G, she's ridiculously hot and all, but the other 3 are at least semi-serious journalists. Lisa was a cheerleader, and then was on BDSSP. Not the same, IMO. But I'd hit it till my dick fell off.



heather mitts the soccer reporter for espn!!!!

she is a television personality who covers a sports she played. Doesn't count, even though she's hot.

Where the hell is Jill Arrington in this thread??


jacks furiously

Jill Arrington is by far the hottest! Who does she work for? CBS? I need to start watching for her! Let's see some more pics of the hot blonde!