I Wanna see BJ VS Diego

ZUFFA make this happen!!!!!

diego would beat him into a living death

decision my ass. diego by face smashing in the first round, bj is a chump

You have to tightly control Diego like Garcia did. You can't let him be bucking around all day. That said, I don't care to see it.


yeah right, diego would take him down at will

stfu noob

Penn would wreck

I just think this would be a great fight!!!

Fight fans would be the winner

Just because GSP was able to take BJ penn down and keep him there long enough to score enough points doesnt mean that Diego can do the same. GSP also has much better stand up than Diego and GSP was out struck by BJ. What would happen when Bj started busting up Diego's face. GSP had a lot of trouble taking BJ down early in the fight.

I'd like to see it too! BJ would be hughe favourite but I wouldn't count Diego out.

I don't think diego could beat GSP.
But I wanna see that fight also.
Diego VS GSP would be great!

Penn would win handily (vs. Diego) imo

better stand up

tough to get to the ground

what to do when you get him there?? Get subbed??

I think it would be an action packed fight

bj owns diego in every facet of the game.

I would like to see that fight.I think Diego is overrated too,but so is B.J. IMO