I wanna see Sanchez and Diaz

I think Sanchez is being carried along by Zuffa and has yet to show much skill. Give him a challenger worth a shit. Lets see how he handles someone like Nick Diaz. That is the fight my buddies and me wanna see. SANCHEZ AND DIAZ, PUT IT TOGETHER DANA! Stop babying TUF fighters, if they are there now then don't keep them around by putting bums infront of them. There are way to many top rate fighters willing to step up and take on all challengers. Don't waste our time and yours, SANCHEZ AND DIAZ!


As much as I dislike Diego's antics, he matches up well against Diaz. Sherk or GSP would be a much more difficult opponent for Diego.

I think you are going to see Diego and Griffin fight tougher guys on UFC's to come. I would like to see Diego fight Diaz. That fight would tell you where Diego's ability is. Forest needs to be fighting at 185. He will definitely be a good contender at that weight.

diaz would kill em'

lol @ not showing much skill. He's got damned good takedowns, brutal GnP, and excellent ground skills. I'd love to see him fight Diaz, though.

lol@a guy who's 14-0 and hasn't really been challenged having "shown little skill." He's shown skill every fight he's been in, which is why he wins cleanly and easily.

Nick Diaz would be a very good opponent for him, imho, I think they're on about the same level as far as being contendors and it would be a great fight for the fans, both guys are really skilled and young and it could spark a rivalry for years to come.

He's not ready for GSP yet. Plus, with what GSP did to Frank Trigg last night, I think he earned another title shot easily. Total domination.

we aint going to see him fight someone thats good for a while it be more exciting to watch him hit a heavy bag for 15 min than the tools they put him against

"Forest needs to be fighting at 185. He will definitely be a good contender at that weight. "

dude he's like 6'3 no way he can  make 185

I wanna see Sanchez and MAYHEM!

Griffin has fought at 185 and I think his and Horns fight was at 185.

diaz wins

this wont happen till 2007

ufc wont let tuf guys fight ufc top guys

"Griffin has fought at 185 and I think his and Horns fight was at 185."

Nope, that fight was part of a light heavyweight tournament. Babalu and Shogun were both in the bracket, and neither of them could ever make 185. Forrest has never fought below 205 lbs.

Horn vs Griffin was part of a 205 lb tournament.

IFC in Denver.

Diaz vs. Diego would be interesting. Nick is amazing on his back though so I'm not sure Diego would hurt him there and Nick would probably own him standing up.

I don't see this fight happening anytime soon.

If Trigg has fights left on his contract how about matching him up with Diego?

It's ridiculous to say that he "hasn't shown much skill". When he's won every fight easily. Gassaway was a strong MoFo, but he landed like two punches on Diego and spent the rest of the time getting pummelled. And that was the best anyone's looked against him so far.

I would say that Diaz is probably on Diego's level and that would be a good fight. I expect that UFC will give Diego a real challenge for his third fight though. The next guy Diego fights will be someone that a lot of people here will say will KO Diego, but in the fight Diego will win easily. Maybe Diaz or Parisian for his third fight. If Diego manages to beat one of those guys, he should get thrown to whatever badass is the man at that time.


Diaz would kill em, most of you idiots who just got into mma and don't know what u talkin about need to get off this forum. TTT Diaz.

diaz by TKO