I want a 4Runner. Which engine

Looking for a new suv. I Have a Lexus rx300 currently. But I want a real suv not a glorified station wagon with ground clearance.

Wanted a 2006-2008 Toyota 4Runner 4x4. With like 60k miles. Think I can find one in the 15-19k range.

Now the question is do I get the 4.0 V6 which is multi mode 4wd and is chain driven. 236hp/266 torque.

Or the 4.7 V8 which is full time 4wd and uses a timing belt. 260hp/306 torque.

Thoughts? Phone Post 3.0

We got the 2004 with a 4.7 V8 for my son (first car). Had 89K on it when we first got it, 102K now. Thing is amazingly smooth and solid for how may miles it has on it. I am seriously considering getting one for myself. It just feels rock solid.

hendofanforlife -

if you arent towing anything go smaller. 

Here is your answer. Even if you do tow, what? Phone Post 3.0