I want a formal apology from Anderson Silva

If Anderson's so "respectful" maybe he can give one of his exaggerated bows to the fans and apologize for wasting our time in 3 of his last 6 fights. We'll give him a hand getting back up. For someone who pretends to be concerned with "respect" and was "offended" that Maia disrespected him as a fighter, he doesn't seem to have any respect of his own to give.

Like Dana said, if you're so much better than your opponents, finish them. You didn't throw more than a one or two punch combo in last night's fight. When Maia came on in the later rounds, you ran. Don't complain about Maia refusing to engage when you won't do it yourself. Dancing isn't engaging. If you dance and follow up with a combo then you're engaging; you didn't do that. Your "performance" was a fail in every way other than the W it gave you, and I know you think the W is "all that matters" but when you have a $0 paycheck and no one watching your W's, you'll find that other things matter too.

Cool story bro

voted down due bullshit sense of entitlement.