I want a longboard...

I live by the beach, ive always wanted a longboard but never pulled the trigger. Im not sure the differences between the different styles can anyone help?

Also, looking to spend around 200 if possible Phone Post 3.0

Go to muirskate.com. super easy go set up a board, and it teaches you everything you need to know. Phone Post 3.0

Also. I'll be able to answer most questions you'll have about different styles. Any specific questions? Phone Post 3.0

I dont get the difference in shapes, no gap over wheels, whats a better beach cruiser thats quick enough? Phone Post 3.0

Berley skate - kimberley bc. They'll hook you up. Phone Post 3.0

4ltr Phone Post 3.0

Sector 9 Phone Post 3.0

What are you looking to do with the longboard?  Just ride up and down the beach?

Drizzt DoUrden -
garrote - Sector 9 Phone Post 3.0
I hae a sector9 and loooove it. But curious why u say that. Are they better than other brands? I've heard other say it, but ultmately, it's not too complicated. Deck, trucks, wheels (bearings)... Phone Post 3.0
No clue. It's what I have and I dig it. I don't really know shit about skateboards though. Phone Post 3.0

I got a Penny from Costco.
It's dope Phone Post 3.0

Me too.

I worked at a golf course in South Alabama for a while. It was pretty hilly with very nice cart paths. Late in the day there was a guy that would cruise around the paths on his long board. I've wanted one since. Phone Post 3.0

Later. Phone Post 3.0

Powell Peralta Skull n Bones


Hosoi Hammerhead

I would go with a used Stewart or a Webber .. Somewhere in the 8'0-9'8" range Phone Post 3.0