I want old site back!

 This thing sucks, I hate it and by the looks of the votes on the UG not to many peeps like the new system!



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Amazing. Great work!
Looks great.
Just OK.
Not good.
I want the old site back!

you can switch back to the older style but its still not the same.

 and whats with this Myspace friends sheit? If I wanted to be on myspace I'd have a account there! :(



*MMA.TV = Yuppie sellout!

  "you can switch back to the older style but its still not the same."


*I have and still don't like it! :( 

seriously im not digging it.

so much so that i dont want to even come to "mixedmartialarts.com" anymore.

ive decided not to wear my MMA.TV shirt to UFC84.

ill be at FH talking about beer if anyone needs to reach me.

 lol^! I'm feeling ya, what has Kirik done? I'm emailing him asap!



*Cries at thought of old days!

I have to agree. This format sucks.


Not as bad without the frames...

AUUURGH!!!! Get too much commercialism on this site. Only reason why I liked MMA.tv was the simplicity less cluttered look. Now it looks like Sherdog. I like the old site format back like I like the old crunchy Ovaltine.

 I think Kirik sold his soul to the devil and we are all paying for it!

jjd you havent paid for your memebership in 5 years stop whining. Kiriks got like 10 kids in 10 countries to feed lol

 LOL^^ and F*ck off mad Kitty, I'm already having a melt down over this thing! And I never said anything about money...Yet! 



*Goes to get knife to stab MT!! POSTAL BABY!

i am resisting the urge to hate it right now. i'm gonna give it a cooling off period of about a week. there are bugs that need to be worked out, but i REALLY MISS the old site. :(

 I had a little rest and hopefully I like it better also,but damn I like old better!


 doesn't look like the locals like the new site

Sometimes change is good. But I like the old one better.

if it aint broke why fix it?!

what the hell is mixedmartialarts.com, MMA.tv= more bad @$$

 The Alchemist has choked the truth!

I don't like this format either. It's harder to navigate and not that intuitive.