I want Russow To win!

Whos with me on this?am i alone.? Russows a beast!sure he has his hands full but i think hes gona get punched in the face by Sergei, then go "ouch", Russows then gona grab Sergei and throw his ass out the ring!

He's from Chicago so by default I'm rooting for him. This has got to be the quickest path anyone has ever taken to the big show. From Bar room fight night a month ago to Pride.

I am rooting for Russow

He also needs the money since I don't think he can go back to be an undercover police officer.... unles Sergei screws up his face ;)

Joke for anyone who was at the weigh ins.

Good luck to Russow....I saw him fight Harrison (who is a tough fighter) and did very well in that match up...Really good guy too, wish the best for him....Chad

From: PrideGP1

Date: 02/23/07 10:32 PM
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Everyone's saying Russow is an awesome wrestler with serious skills. A lot fo people are giving him a 50/50 shot. This match will determine if he really is "The Next Big Thing".

He's about as much the "next big thing" as Rex Holman, Sean Salmon or Matt Hammill.