i want to be green


You need to have a pro MMA fight first!

yeah thanks

mabye ill try again on monday

Want to be green?


bravo XPmagus...fine us of the UG Grand Prix shirt...

LOL, promote the event and have an excuse to use an image I made. A+


Holy shit dude that it an awesome idea. There should be a amatuer MMA event for mudnamers and tuf newbs. Winner gets green name (of course) and five years of free pro service. I would pay to watch a bunch of out of shape dude beat the piss out of each other.

Hell id do it...green would be great.

Keoni...we're already on it, bro.  LINK

Great shameless self promotion, XP!  I applaude you, sir.  Believe it or not, I just printed out the shirt design and showed my parents a few minutes ago.  (Oh, man.  I just mentioned my parents on the UG.  Let the flaming begin.

You guys are so stupid! Don't you know Matty Mo (The White Ninja) would easily win that tournament? None of you stand a chance!!!!!!!

Email Kirik and tell him that you're a pro fighter and give him your screen name. Link him to your record on Sherdog or FCFighter. Make sure Doug does it too, because blue namers suck compared to us badasses.

That's way Matty Mo isn't invited. His flying elbow from the laying down position scares the crap out of me! Not to mention the vicious bag hang body drop.

We sure hijacked this poor dudes thread didn't we?

LOL I know exactly who you are Eric, I'm sure you appreciate the sarcasm.

That's a sweet shirt

XPMagus, damnit, I better get one of those shirts, XL please.

I'll cover costs if you get it printed for me.

I'm serious, fantastic shirt.

If you actually print some drop me an Email at Dreamer_aow@yahoo.com to arrange shipping and payment.

thanks greg and mattbenwa i can always appreciate sarcasm its one of the things i do best, my sarcasm is definatly better than my fighting.


thank me later

check your spelling

kirik you have mail