i want to fight lee murray

i would love to fight this guy! hope some promoter can make it happen.

that is not accurate i am 6-2

thanks camel, i know that i can beat this guy!!

whats ur name

its not hard to find his name out.

Anyways if you think you can beat Murray you got my support

Murray is an ass kicker

More power to you bro, I too have had a dream that I will beat Matt Hughes now IM not saying I will or that it will be anytime soon but you can bet your ass I will train my ass off and fight every chance I get and if its meant to be it will happen sooner or later.

Do your thang and good luck..


2cruel vs the brit what can i do to make this a go?

somebody call jeff at hook n shoot or rob with the ffc

i can and will win this fight!!

Oh god, is everyone going to challenge Lee Murray??
Fuck it, Ive got a green name , I want him first!! lol

You just wanna makeoout with him apple cause he shittalked lol

Me Too....

LOL @ TheAdonis!

Is 2cruel Shannon? :)

2cruel is chris gates check out one of my pic at www.ffc.tv ffc4

Well then good for you bro. I hope you get him...

Bro, I tried your link but got nothing...

2cruel is chris gates check out one of my pic at www.ffc.tv ffc4

2 cruel i will pray for you when you do fight him.

Chris could definatly win this fight. I would love to see it happen. If someone can put it together I am 100% behind you.

David Ferguson

Miller would beat him

Chris, which Miller? Jaysun?