I want to learn how to play CHESS. TME

I just downloaded CHESS FREE from the App Store. I'll read some basics and tips from Google.

Any advice from my HG Chess players? Phone Post 3.0

Thanks in advance

Phone Post 3.0

think ahead. anticipate. get

distract your opponents with stories of bridge trannies and trolls. Don't be too confident the minute you think it is starting to go as planned you realize it is your opponents plan that is actually coming together.
the horsey moves in an L

Watch searching for bobby fisher. Amazing movie and Joshua watzzzzsssshkin (he has a lisssssp), is a black belt now under Marcelo. Checkmate bitches. Phone Post 3.0


As a brown a few years ago. Hmmmmm

Brown Belt Waitzkin Vs. Brown Belt FCTV, FCTV wins in Four moves.

Robobear - //www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrMQQ1IVLTc

As a brown a few years ago. Hmmmmm

Amazing. I'm inspired. Phone Post 3.0

do you have any specific questions?

btw i think chess.com is awesome and the app is free.

you should

1)learn how the pieces move
2)learn castling and en passant
3)learn the difference between strategy and tactics (which is arbitrary but useful as a beginner)
4)learn basic strategies
5)learn some tactics (combination attacks and how the pieces are best used)
6)practice endgame
7)learn openings

Nothing specific. Just the game in general. Thanks for those tips. Phone Post 3.0

how far along are you?

var akobian, one of my favourite grandmaster online teachers, said that chess is a battle of ideas.

when you think of it that way, it's more interesting. you have an idea of how you want the outcome and board to look, and you opponent does as well. who has the better idea and plan, wins. it really is war!

when you know how all the pieces move, here are some general ideas:

-the 'center' are the four squares D4, E4, D5, E5. it's ideal to have pawns there or have pieces that can attack other pieces on these squares.

-'Attack' means when one of your pieces in a position to take another piece. it doesn't mean it will, but it is a threat.

-'develop' means you move your pieces from their starting position, and usually refers to the non-pawn pieces.

-it's always good strategy to move your non-pawn pieces (develop!) over your non pawn pieces at the opening when you can. of course you have to start by moving pawns, but you want activate the bishops, etc.

-queen shouldn't be attacking too early

-castle within 15 moves. the king in the center leaves you open to attack. (experts break this rule all the time though. none of these are iron-clad rules, they are just guidelines).

-basic strategy, are you going to aim to control the centre, the queenside, or the kingside. which means you will gather your army on that side or attack the area from long range, like canons.

-pawns are best at protecting other pawns.

I got as far as posting this thread and putting a basic chess board in my Amazon Cart's save for later

:-( Phone Post 3.0

Thanks do the awesome advice though! Phone Post 3.0

gdi yusul AWESOME advice i never got learning chess.


thank you

^welcome! the hardest thing in the beginning is learning how the pieces move.


just hit the play button on the bottom of the illustration.

i'd probably get familiar with the king, then queen (they move in the same direction, sideways, forward, backward and diagonally,)

the rooks (forward, backward and sideways, so 1/2 the movement of the queen)

the bishops (diagonally)




^i mean memorizing, but it's not really that hard.

Very helpful. Thanks again! Phone Post 3.0

Bros, I got a hard enough time remembering how my body moves in jiujitsu.  If I take up chess, no time for BJJ.