I want to learn to cook

Any good sites for newbs?

No idea. Sorry. I know there are tons of recipe sites, but not sure about the "how to cook" thing. If you have cable TV, watch Good Eats on Food Network. Very educational, and some descent recipes.

buy books.....like on cooking or the professional chef....

Damn James, i cant even imagine how bored you must be getting not being able to train!

good eats is a very good instructional show for several reasons, the best of which is that it teaches techniques that can be used for a variety of exercises rather than just one recipe.

takes practice though, hope your dog isnt a picky eater.

Cooking isn't difficult. You just follow the recipe. If the recipe looks
too complicated, just pick a different recipe. Cooking nerds are very
good at explaining the various techniques of cooking, so if there's a
part of the recipe you don't understand, look it up on the internet.
You'll probably find an absurdly detailed explanation, with pictures.

Most important thing is your mise en place. That means that you need
to prep all your ingredients like they are listed in the recipe BEFORE
you start cooking. Don't wait to chop your onions. Don't wait to slice
the meat. Don't wait to make your garnishes. Whatever. You must have
everything completely organized and ready to go before you start
cooking. That way, there will not be any timing issues. No running
around the kitchen in a panic searching for saffron. No frantically fast
chopping of those potatoes. etc.

Geez, if it weren't for panicked saffron seeking and frantically fast chopping of potatoes, I'd have never been interested in cooking!