I want to play D&D :/

god help me... i now want to find a group to play d&d with. i downloaded all the manuals off suprnova just for kicks... and now all i can think about is getting into it :/

if you dont know anyone personally who plays you could try playing by email or icq

is that suprnova.com

play by slow mail.

You could try a convention if ones happening in your area anytime soon
Lots of people
Lots of different Games being played
and it's all over in a few hours if you don't like the way it's going
Good way to see if you enjoy playing certain systems other than D&D and it's a good way to see how a game is run.


Invalid, I caught the D&D bug for a little while a couple of months back (yeah, for those willing to look around A LOT of 2nd Ed manuals are available for free on the 'net).

Unfortunately I'm too old and too lazy to bother. I lost the bug after playing a pretty satisfying PC RPG.

Tabletop D&D's fatal flaw (for me) has always been the amount of paperwork it requires (esp for the DM). I don't want to have to do "work" when I want to play. Much less trouble to play a video game or (if I want to go low-tech) Magic the Gathering.

yea, you guys have a point


tigger, you talking to me or invalid?

When a Character dies there are spells and other such ways to ressurect them, not too difficult at all but usually there are penalties.

As for the "End" of D&D that's all up to the DM,
A good DM builds a World and a Story in which the players have an Interactive and evolving part.
The whole point of the game is to enjoy yourself while hanging out with friends and working towards a goal.

As for Warhammer, it's kind of like D&D it's more of a wartime Strategy kind of game though, like Warcraft with solid pieces and limited resources.

is supernova free?

It's actually

Suprnova.org (and yes that is how you spell it)

It's a bit Torrent site

Just get Neverwinter Nights and play online. It's the closest game to the real thing. You can even have a live DM running the game.

anyone ever play Shadowrun or Cyberpunk? i was into those in my youth

anyone ever play Shadowrun or Cyberpunk? i was into those in my youthYeah, I used to play Shadowrun a lot. I'd love to see a new video game set in that world.

Shadowrun kicked arse. Rifts was another cool one based on the Palladium game system.

I used to have young DMs who were crappy and we didn't use minatures. Then all my friends became born again christians and renounced the "devil worshipping" aspects of D&D.

Then when I was 20 I met my very own comic store guy (complete with receding hairline but ponytail at the back, just as fat and above all pay out heavily on those with out sci-fi cred) who used minatures and had years of DMing experience. It was like a whole rediscovery. With a good DM and minatures to layout battles it can be quite fast paced and fun. It really is a great way to hangout and have a laugh.

Computer games are definately easier (same can be said for sports games as well) but it'll always be the most fun when you actually do it the way it was intended.