I want to talk politics.

Fuuuuuuuuckkk that mess.  Politics were soooo 2017.  What I really wanna talk about is DP/PP, my recent discovery that it is, in fact, pee and these Asian chicks with no booty trying to twerk.  Apprently, this is some thing now is China or Japan?  EY, any comments?  Oh wait, he's in Texas. 


Good thread OP.


I don't know, sometimes politics can be fun. I got into a conversation with some socialists last night. They never had any evidence for how socialism was better than free market capitalism. Every time they'd state something, I'd show how capitalism handles it better/fairer. They'd agree, and then try to switch to another topic area they feel socialism is better, and I'd again show how free market capitalism handled it better and fairer. They'd agree and would try again with another issue. Nobody's mind was changed, but they were forced to see that there are other good solutions to the problems they think socialism is the answer for