I want Trigg vs St Pierre

This would be a great fight. The winner should get a title shot.

Frenchie will kill him. He is going to be the best at 170, I am sure.

Trigg will pound him into the mat in the first rd. hes better at every facet of fighting

lol, how is Trigg better at striking? He shot in on Hughes of all people.

Trigg would get the takedown, could he keep him down? Could he avoid the submissions? It would be interesting..

St. Pierre is young though, and should be brought along a bit slower IMO.

IMO I tell you guys, St Pierre will beat Hughes, Penn, Verissimo, all of them. One year from now he will be #1 at 170. He would beat Trigg RIGHT NOW. Mark my words.

Why are people so quick to rush a kid's career. For the love of god, let him get soe more experience. He would not beat Charuto, Hughes, or Trigg RIGHT NOW b/c of the experience factor.

the french speaking people are taking over America.

It is only the beguinning

I don't think there are enough ww's in the ufc right now to take it
any slower. I think one more round of fights in ww division and we
should get a title fight. Or, they could go recruit some guys no one
has heard of and feed them to Diaz, St. Pierre, Hughes, Trigg...I
say get on with it...

St Pierre vs Trigg? How about Diaz, Lawler and more.

The welterweight division is loaded now. Many possible matchups.

Chris Lytle?

Damn...this division is STACKED!

I'd love to see St Pierre vs Trigg.
Keep in mind that St. Pierre and Trigg both don't have that many fights. They're both single digits. I think it's an appropriate matchup.

Then again, Chris Lytle, Diaz...man...so many good matchups.

Trigg definitely beat Hallman, but Trigg didn't exactly look impressive. He simply got the "W".

"Trigg definitely beat Hallman, but Trigg didn't exactly look impressive. He simply got the "W".



Not sure what else you have to do to look impressive--he hit Hallman with a nice punch and it forced Hallman to shoot a takedown.Trigg denied his takedown,he defended the sub attempts and he landed some very hard blows causing the fight to be stopped.

Trigg was agressive--and pushed the action. His fights dont go the distance--ever.

No lay and pray out of Frank Trigg--- not sure what else you can do to impress --


I think the welterweight division is the most exciting group of ufc
fighters...really may be the most stacked division of ww in the
world right now..

sunndogg is very correct, it's all about the WW's!

After Trigg said "YOU KNOW!" all wannabe cool into the mic, I swear all I wanted to see was that shot of hughes on his back putting on the RNC.

I'm sorry, but I cannot bring myself to like Trigg. So therefore, feed him to St. Pierre pleez!!!

numerouno, i said trigg RIGHT NOW, the other three in a year or so. Mark my words.

Consider them marked

George will OWN ANYONE at his WEIGHT

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