I want you to be 100% honest here (hypothetical)

If your wife/SO woke up this morning with a penis WOULD YOU REALLY BE ALL THAT MAD?

Would you stick with her?

Do you love her the same as before?

Just come to terms that you’re gay OP.


Bro, it’s 2021.

It’s OK that you suck cock…

We could be buddies. I like pussy too much. And pheromones my friend, they’re real.

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Well it’s still not ok

Depends on if it is bigger than mine



So he’d have two penises now? Sweet!


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Hey cmon now! It is PURELY hypothetical!!

I could see that…she would probably never look at you the same if she grew a cock bigger than yours.

This reminds me of a sexualized version of one of the dumb hypotheticals my 8 year old will sometimes question me with, like “would you rather fart confetti or have blue colored pee?”

I sometimes tell him such hypotheticals are so dumb that they dont deserve an answer.

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“It’s for the kids…”

I would be upset when she looks at me and says, “pay back time”.

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With a penis? You mean like in a box? Like a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ penis?

Lol what a question. Considering she’s already given me three kids I guess I now have a partner for the rest of my life instead of a wife, I like being married and especially to the person I’ve married.

At this point, the sex will will probably only improve.

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First post nails it as always.