Man I want to see Tyrone Spong against Rampage. Rampage Will get someone who is going to stand with him. Damn I want to see this fight so bad Phone Post

Maybe then Rampage will learn how to check kicks Phone Post

lol Spong would embarrass Rampage on the feet - however, if Rampage felt like fighting like an MMA fighter for once he could win the fight without so much as it being competitive and just outgrapple Spong all night.

Realistically though Rampage would stand there, throw the same 2-3 combos over and over and get blitzed.

Rampage would go for take downs.

Rampage would get finished unless he decides to actually make it an MMA fight and slam Sponge all over the ring. Sadly we havn't seen that Page in years

In a stand up bout rampage doesn't win. Phone Post