I wanted Lyoto to win super bad

but it was another impressive performance by bones gotta hand it to him, i can now eat all my words from the past weeks of saying he was gonna lose, good job jon hats off to you.

I was crushed too. But ya Jones earned it. Lyoto is my man Phone Post

 7/10. You'll get some bites.

Why can't this be everyone's reaction even if your fav figter losses. Was a great fight and both fought hard. Lyoto will be back

Well written coolbrandon. A fine example.

good post . i wanted machida to win too but theres no stopping bones jones anytime soon. theres no shame in losing to a man who is just tearing thru everyone at the top level.machida will be back and be a better man for it. hes the only one who really hit jones hard and clean.his karate is light years above any other karate we have seen in the ufc and it give alot of guys trouble. jones is just too big ,talented and motivated for anyone to beat right now

thank you sir

I actually think that it was Karate that led to the loss.

Yes, he was landing some good shots but, due to his Karate style he was throwing his punches from his hips and left his chin exposed. I think it was just a matter of time before Bones noticed this and timed him...as he did with the left hook that floored him. From the the choke came pretty easy because Lyoto was wobbled.

If he threw his punches that fast but kept his hands up that left would have been blocked.

That is why I still say that Anderson is the man to beat Jones. He is just as fast but his defence is much better than Lyotos. He uses his elusiveness but also has sound MT fundamentals.