I was impressed with Gil Melendez

Gilbert Melendez is primarily a grappler. Yet he outstruck a dangerous striker, who arguably beat Paul Daley and savaged KJ Noons.

IMO Jorge Masvidal is an even better boxer than Frankie Edgar. He counters just about as well as anyone and then when he has his opponents stunned, he savages you. That's why Gil wasn't overly aggressive yetsterday - in order to avoid falling right into Masvidal's plan. And I knew that even in a Melendez win, Masvidal was bound to make him look "less-than-spectacular," triggering this unfounded "overhyped" talk among uneducated fans. Masvidal made Paul Daley look bad, for heavens sake.

All things considered, that was a solid performance from Gil.

Agreed. He fought Joege's fight and still won by a mile...probably every round or at least 4 of 5. Phone Post

I've never been a huge Melendez fan but he definitely fought Masvidal's fight. Props to him, but I'd like to see him fight one of the top 5 ufc 55'rs.

Agreed. He's deceptively fast (throws a lazy jab a liot but he doubles or triples it up and it works) and his work rate last might was insane. I also think that he rise's to the occasion/competition and is as good as anybody at LW. Everybody is getting screwed if he stays in Strikeforce. Phone Post