I was impressed with Salmon..

I mean hey, came in wasn't scared, threw the hands, got some good takedowns. I think he made a statement that he ain't a pushover.
Yeah, he got KTFO but most fighters have really if you think about it.. Except for Diego, Fedor, GSP, Rashad and a few others.

Yeah...he did good. Should be brought back for sure.


He was doing well till he got caught.

he had some nice take downs, landed some good shots


Awkward fighter but he was certainly a gamer. Props to him for going in and giving his best. He won the first round and made Rashad look average.

I was impressed with how he wrestled Rashad.

i thought he was doing well til the kick. i'd like to see him again

I agree that outside of suffering the craziest KO since Kohler/Judson and the flying ninja kick, he was game and gave a good account of himself.

I think he would be better at a middleweight, but wouldn't mind seeing him back.

Anyone Gif his Crane Kick?

Yall? Salmon was so terrible he took the first round by striking rashad more and unleashed some GnP. So what does that say about Rashad? Rashad's standup and wrestling sucks, he just got a good kick in? Yall really isn't a word, go screw your sheep.

i dont think he could make it down to middleweight, and why would he, in his first ufc fight he was winning against a contender at 205 until he got caught. could of happened to anyone.

"Enjoying your 2nd month of mma?"

why yes I am. As everyone knows that in order to watch and compete in mma you have to be on the ug for at least the past 5 years. Actually I've been browsing the UG for a long time, it's just lately the idiots have tripled and i figure it is time to give my opinion.

"As everyone knows that in order to watch and to compete in mma you have to be on the ug for at least the past 5 years."

YES! I'm glad the newbs are finally getting the intro to the UG email Kirik is sending out.

i got "the intro the the" email

salmon looked BIG for 205. If he can make lhw and be that fat he could rock and roll at 185

I thought Salmon showed promise, but what was with the odd, Vovchachyn celebratory style jump kick, at the start?

I was impressed to - he lived.

winning one round does not = impressive

Head staying on his shoulders = impressive

winning 1 round does not = impressive

head staying on shoulders = impressive

My wife commented that, " The Salmon guy is just going out there and
going crazy and he is breathing hard." My wife high kicked the correcct.

"i got "the intro the the" email "

LOL opps!!!